About : Korean Drama
Year : 2020
Episodes : 16
Distributor : JTBC
Type of Entertainment : TV show
Rating : 3.5/5
Genre : Romance, Drama, Comedy
Where to watch : Netflix

Cast : Song Ji-hyo, Son Ho-jun, Song Jong-ho, Kim Min-joon, Koo Ja-sung, Kim Da-som

What is it about:
Was it love is a 2020 Korean drama,that was distributed by JTBC and Netflix with 16 episodes. This Korean drama series is about a single mother Song Ji-hyo , who has raised her 14 year old daughter with the help of her mother. She works for a film company and aspires to become a successful movie producer. When her job is in jeopardy, she ends up meeting 4 different men. Interestingly they all like her! Does this bring excitement to her otherwise seemingly routine life or add another another round of confusion is the plot of this 16 episode Korean drama 2020 run.

The Story Brief : Song Ji-hyo plays the role of Noh Ae-jung, a single mother, working in a film production company who has proudly raised her 14 old daughter. Her dream of becoming a successful producer goes upside down, when her boss goes missing and leaves her responsible to repay his debt. She then meets Kim Min-joon, who is the owner of the financial company to whom her boss owes money. He agrees to help her to pay him back, if she manages to make a movie with Song Jong-ho as hero. She incidentally finds a signed contract with best selling author Son Ho-jun in the pile of old documents in her boss’s apartment.

( Clockwise : Son Ho-jun – the author, Song Jong-ho- the hero,Song Ji-hyo- the protagonist,
Kim Min-joon- the creditor and Koo Ja-sung-the teacher. Whom will the heroine choose!?!)

Kim Min-joon- the creditor and Koo Ja-sung-the teacher. Whom will the heroine choose!?!)

Song Ji-hyo has had a history with both Song Jong-ho & Son Ho-jun, as all three belong to the alumni of the same Arts and Film university.

She also meets her old friend Koo Ja-sung, who is the education instructor at her daughter’s school. He has had feelings for her the whole time & is delighted to see her again.

Old flames get re-kindled once she starts interacting with all 3 old acquaintances. All of them would have liked her in the past and want to start over again.

Of these 3 one is the father of the her daughter; for whom she still has feelings!

Review :
We have an opening scene of a young Song Ji-hyo delivering newspaper and then progressing as a candidate for a formal job interview in a film company. During the course of the interview, she reveals frankly how she raised her child as a single mother and hence did not have a chance to complete her education. She is brazen, bold and proud of being a mother.

The premise of the plot is well set!

Song Ji-hyo fits the role of a middle aged mother. She looks, “real” and is not the reel- “I have it all” mother.

The initial 3 episodes, where she meets all the four male leads are interesting. The fact that she is heavily dependent on two of them to make a movie also keeps the pace of this Korean drama.

However, once the leads confess their interest in her,the storyline begins to drag. There is too much confusion about the real father of her daughter. Song Ji-hyo’s character develops from a proud mother into a victim of circumstances.

Of the 4 male leads, only the characterisation and scenes of Song Ji-hyo with Kim Min-joon (the creditor) and Son Ho-jun( the writer) are enjoyable.
Song Ji-hyo’s interactions with Kim Min-joon( the creditor) is well written. The scenes are funny as she is scared of this ruthless creditor, who once belonged to the underworld gang.

Their relationship slowly matures into a friendly relationship, once he finds out that her daughter and his son are best friends at school. They bond well as single parents.

Song Ji-hyo’s interactions with Son Ho-jun( the writer) are as of typical lovers who feelings sway from love to extreme hatred. Son Ho-jun is almost perfect as an author. This role compliments his laid back & funny personality! He is classy, decent, absent minded and importantly humorous in this korean drama series. He looks every bit an author; not unrealistically glamorous.

Song Ji-hyo’s relation with her daughter is well depicted & its nice to see mother daughter relationship that’s more like friends.

(Song Ji-hyo nails it as the doting mother!)

However, when her daughter tries to get a DNA test of two of the four male leads, whom she suspects to be her father goes a bit overboard.

Song Jong-ho (the actor) and Koo Ja-sung ( the teacher)’s love for Song Ji-hyo is poorly written and you will find it hard to believe their one sided interest in her after 14 years.

Again the lovers’ spat due to which she would have left her then boyfriend not even telling him about her pregnancy is not convincing and unrealistic!

The visuals are eye pleasing, as this korean drama series is shot extensively in Seoul. Song Ji-hyo’s make up where she only does her lips, gives a fresh and professional look. Her clothes too are very smart and comfortable.

The OST is neat and has fewer songs than usual list of Korean drama series. Check out the theme song “Dreams” on Spotify here

The song is catchy and you will enjoy the instrument version as well.

Korean drama series excel in their story telling mode & not exactly the story. Was it love loses it pace after a while. The story telling has vast scope but is not executed well enough to keep a viewer interested for the whole 16 episodes!

With so many leads, ideally this Korean drama series should had explored for more funny or dramatic scenes. It is very meagre in both.

Passion Quotient : 3

My Verdict : Average watch
I would not really recommend this Kdrama series. Was it love is a Korean drama that starts off well as a single mother’s story, then dilutes into an average series.

This is one of those lazy drama, where you wont invest much in the storyline & will cheekily forward a few scenes 😉 Go for it, only if you have to!

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