When evil fights for a good cause, whose side will you be on?

About : Korean drama
Year : 2021
Episodes : 20
Distributor : tvn/Netflix
Type of Entertainment : TV show
Genre : Drama
Where to watch : Netflix

Vincenzo Korean drama, series is a drama/action genre Kdrama that closed its final episode with a viewership rating of 14.63% across South Korea. It has consistently been on Netflix Top 10 most searched drama. By the end of its 20 episode run, Vincenzo Korean drama 2021 was classed as the 9th highest rated drama in Korean cable TV history.

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Want to know if its worth the hype?
Read on the Vincenzo Netflix Kdrama review :

The plot introduced us to Song Joong ki, aka Vincenzo Cassano as the Italian consigliere, who comes to Korea to dig out the gold from the Geumga Plaza. Only he and the Plaza manager played by Choi Young-joon are privy to this secret initially and want to evacuate the Plaza tenants civilly and move out the heaps of Gold.

Viewers are are introduced to the Mafia style working, when Vincenzo helps the Senior lawyer, played by Yoo Jae-myung, who fights for the tenants of the Plaza because the Plaza is taken over by the evil Babel group. It keeps us wondering if he is helping him because of the Gold.

We know the plot is more than just digging out the Gold, when Vincenzo continues to fight the evil group with Hong Cha young, played by Jeon Yeo-been even after the murder of her father; the Senior lawyer. He uses his Mafia connects to avenge the Senior lawyer’s death and Babel group. This is where the actual drama starts! Viewers get to see the “cold” side of Vincenzo better. Soong Joong Ki is almost perfect as the cold consigliere. He is cool, with a confident body language, looking glorious in designer three piece suits. He does not bat an eye when things do not go in his favor!

The Korean drama series concept is interesting, as both Babel Group and Vincenzo do not use legitimate methods and both are law offenders! Yet, you will vouch for Vincenzo because he takes on himself to look after weaker people! In this case, the Plaza tenants who will be left jobless if kicked out of the Plaza. You are again reminded of the Godfather kind of feel,when these Plaza tenants choose to battle for Vincenzo, when he is need of people. He does not have to ask for them, because he has already won their loyalty.

The Romance factor :

The chemistry between Vincenzo and Hong Cha young, is modern and very sweet. They look out for each other, partner up against Babel group and are friends first. Audiences were kept guessing till the end, about their happy ending. Well, they have not been disappointed at all! Their love is very matured; everything is conveyed but not one romantic dialogue is exchanged in the whole 20 episodes!

The mind boggling plot:

The plot has a lot of twists. The basement has more than Gold bars; it also has something that can destroy the entire corrupt politics in the nation. Then there are the tenants of the Plaza who accidentally find out that the Plaza has Gold hidden somewhere. What follows is a comic hell let loose, with everyone hunting for Gold. These tenants of the Geumga Plaza, all have a past;such that they can physically fight it out when needed. Their two personalities adds a comic flavor to the drama; ensuring it is not monotonous.

The Villian of Vincenzo – OK Taec Yeon :

This Kdrama is smartly scripted because the Villain character is as powerful as the hero. Ok Taec yeon is the crazy two faced real owner of the Babel group. It is hard not to like this handsome rapper from the 2PM boy band! Ok Taec yeon as Jang Han seok is easily the latest fan favourite villain. He does a very neat job, switching expressions between acting cute and treacherously evil! You will at least get mildly intimated by his antics!

His half -brother, Jang Han seok, played by Kwak Dong-yeon who is publicly the owner of the Babel group is initially a dumb witted villian, but things get interesting when seeks help from Vincenzo himself!

Finally, you will witness epitome of evil in Choi Myung hee, played by the experienced Kim Yeo-jin. She is from Wusang Law Firm; Babel group’s legal team. Choi Myung hee; even though a woman is completely non compassionate and has no respect for human life.She is as evil as Jang Han seok and becomes his right hand!

What this Kdrama screenplay missed ?

There are however, a few areas the storyline that does not satisfy the viewer. The Gold is finally moved out of the Plaza, which is revealed at the end of this Korean drama series, but it feels like being closed in a complete rush and a bit too simple. The ending does not match upto the hype created around the Gold evacuation!

There is a bit of overdoes of scenarios where Vincenzo and team act as con men to fight the corrupt politicians and, judiciary supporting Babel group. Vincenzo is from the Italian mafia, but he acts a bit constrained throughout the drama. This also makes this Kdrama very classy. The last few episodes has a bit of disturbing violence. While you will be pleasantly surprised as to how cool Song Joong Ki can act and get into different shades of the character, the violence could have been blurred a bit.

Passion Quotient : 3.5/5

Fun Fact:

The Opening episodes of this kdrama have scenes of Italian vineyards and the interiors of an Italian villa. It is breath taking. Fans were later surprised to discover that these scenes were actually shot in South Korea itself. Thanks to latest CGI technology, Italy couldn’t have looked more real!

Should you watch Vincenzo Korean drama :

We highly recommend watching Vincenzo Kdrama. This Korean drama was exhilarating in its whole 20 episode run on Netflix. This is yet another iconic role of Song Joong Ki, after Descendants of the Sun Kdrama. Audiences will remember him as “Vincenzo” for a long time! Jeon Yeo-been, as Hong Cha young is the new age woman – smart, fearless and yet feminine- all the same time. Ok Taec yeon as the multi faceted villian is praise worthy. It would be a delight to see what drama role he would do next – hero or villain! Kudos to the woman director of this Korean drama series – Kim Hee won. She has indeed created a “grand” drama.

Juskorea rating : 4.5/5


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