Valentine’s day gift ideas and much more…

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Valentine’s day is all about love. February 14th is ironically that one day which does not appear in the official calendar, but everyone remembers it! It is also the perfect pretext to actually show your other half how much you care! It is not only about showering flowers and gifts on your partner, but also spending some memorable quality and quite time together!

But do you want to celebrate this beautiful day like any other Valentine’s day of the past years! So how about doing something different this year.

We after all live in different times now, with life still getting back to normal! So if you are unable to go out to that fancy restaurant or enjoy a movie in the theatre, there is still hope to celebrate it differently and very much in style.

How about some adding Korean twist to the Valentine day this year!

We have some very uncanny but exciting ideas especially designe d for you, if your better half is a “Halluyu wave” fan. In simpler words someone who is a fan of Korean drama, KPOP, Korean fashion, Korean food and Korean skin care.

You will enjoy our suggestions even better if both of you are part of the, “Halluyu wave”. But in case you are new to this, it will nevertheless be an experience to remember.

So let’s get you started –


The first thing to go with your Red roses is a Gift. We strongly recommend you add a good Korean skin care product to go with these Roses. Korean skin care is known for its superiority and blends in nature’s goodness. Our suggestions below range from basic Face mask sheets to curated skin care kits to some very cool cosmetics. We have kept in mind that your better half could be someone who either deeply believes in self care or is a just a newbie to the idea.

Either ways, you can pick for something for your special “him” or “her” from our suggestions below:

Valentine day gifts for HIM :

We suggest some basic Korean skin care, that is simple to use and will sure add glow to your man in shining armor!

Innisfree Forest For Men Fresh All In One Essence helps soothen skin.

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Innisfree Forest For Men Fresh Lotion helps fatigued skin.

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99% Chok Chok Soothing Gel for skin hydration.

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TONYMOLY Takopore Bubble Pore Pack is ideal for removing tough blackheads.

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The Face Shop Unisex Combination Skin Masksheet Combo

Hydrates, relaxes and boosts hydration to the face.

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Valentine day gifts for HER :

Take your pick from some cool cosmetics to luxurious skin care from our suggestions below:

Lip Tint & Masacara duo is the simplest yet most useful cosmetics duo. The Lip tint has multiple uses and blends within, giving an all natual look.

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Lip Tint Duo – (Picnic Red+ Red Signal) are a superb combination pack of 2 lively Lip colours for your bold woman.

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Innisfree Bestsellers Bundle is a literally a bundle of goodness. It has everthing right from Clay mask, toner to serum.

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Holiday Special Hand Cream Set is for the woman who literally stresses out the whole day!A moisturising hand care cream will calm her hands at night!

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LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask has women all over crooing about it all over! It is a small package that promises a complete nourished & vibrant looking skin.

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We all know that, “Good food means good mood”. How about cooking up something simple and spicy! Easy to cook and yum to taste, you can buy Korean ready to cook food online.

Lets start from the very popular Korean noodles also called Ramen noodles. Any Korean drama fan will be curious to know how the original Korean Ramen tastes like. Take your pick from the a variety of noodles flavors, you can easily order online ranging from kimchi flavor, soup style, chicken cheese and even vegetarian noodles.

Samyang Kimchi Noodle gives you the authentic kimchi flavor.

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Nongshim Shin Ramyun Noodle Soup is soup style noodles for those love to slurp their food!

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Nongshim Noodle Soup Kimchi Korean Style Instant Noodles is another option for Kimchi flavor noodles.

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Samyang Hot Chicken Ramen Cheese Noodles is literally rich food in a cup – chicken & cheese all in one!

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Nongshim Soon Veggie Ramyun is veggie soup style!

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Samyang Fire Chicken (Buldak) Spicy Ramen is spicy Chicken to add that fiery flavor to your day!

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Finally some rice cakes Korean style to make you feel full. Get ready for something hot and spicy!

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Now you will need beverages to go with this food. You know how they say, “Everything gets better with coffee”! Here’s our pick of Korean coffee :

Korean Instant Coffee Korean Rose Bud & Maxim Mocha / Original, Korean Instant Coffee Mix 20 Sticks.

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For the Tea lover, you have the health packed Ginseng Tea.

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You need music to set the mood, right! We have some alluring music ranging from soft numbers from popular kpop bands like BTS, Blackpink, Twice, NCT,Seventeen to OST from our favourite Kdramas.

It just a click away on Spotify :


How about enjoying your food or beverage and having KPOP dudes & divas dance their way into your hearts in the background! Yes, its possible. Just click below the playlist below :


If your better half is a Korean drama lover or by some coincidence both of you enjoy Korean dramas we have some hand picked Kdramas that are bingewatch worthy and can be watched anytime to lighten up your mood! Pick any episode from these Kdramas and you are all set to enjoy the day/evening!

The list varies from the heartwrenching Goblin, fun watch Weightlifting fairy kim bok-joo & True Beauty to the perfect romedy She was pretty/Touch your heart.

You will need access to Netflix and VIKI Rakuten to watch these shows.

Choose from the below classics –

Korean drama

  • Goblin
  • Weightlifting Fairy
  • Whats wrong with secretary Kim
  • She was Pretty
  • Love in the moonlight
  • Encounter
  • Touch your heart
  • True Beauty


If you are in the mood for a full movie experience, we have some cool recommendations. Take your pick from our list here

Alternately, you can choose from the below movies, depending on the genre both of you enjoy.

Korean movie list

  • Tune in for Love ( Genre- romance)
  • The Bros ( Genre – comedy)
  • Space Sweepers ( Genre – futuristic thriller)
  • Parasite (Genre – award winning drama/thriller)

Access to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video is required to enjoy these movies.


If you or your better half, like watching Travel and Food programmes, we have that covered too. The below are a few enthralling travellers’ diaries to help you decide if Seoul will be your travel list in the future. They are all available in Youtube. You dont have to spend time on packing for this travel! Sit back and just enjoy the virtual tour!

So take your pick from our ideas above and celebrate Valentine’s day a bit differently this year! Starting something new is just a click away!

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