This highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history is an emotional roller coaster

The World of the Married KDrama is a 2020 Korean drama, of the romance, melodrama genre. It is based on the megahit BBC drama series, Doctor Foster. The final episode had a viewership of 28%, making it the highest rated Korean drama in cable history. The cast has Kim Hee-ae, Park Hae-joon and Han So-hee as the three main leads.

The World of the Married Synopsis

The plot revolves around married couple Kim Hee-ae and Park Hae-joon. Kim Hee-ae ( Ji Sun-woo) is a successful doctor and Associate director at a big hospital in Gosan. She is happily married to Park Hae-joon (Lee Tae-oh), who plays the role of a movie director. They have a middle school going son, named Lee Joon-young. Everything is picture perfect until Ji Sun-woo finds out her beloved husband has been having an affair with a younger woman (Yeo Da-kyung), played by, Han so-hee.

How does she deal with the betrayal is the plot of this 16 episode Korean drama on Netflix.

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The World of the Married Kdrama Review

The opening scene shows a very happy Sun-woo getting ready for work. She fusses over her son while her husband Tae-oh, returns home from his business trip. He fondlingly wraps a scarf around her neck and kisses her goodbye as she leaves home. The good mood continues as Sun-woo walks into her office cabin, is greeted by staff and her best friend at the hospital. She removes her overcoat and scarf, stacks it on the coat hanger. Sun-woo then stares at the scarf.

As a viewer, by now you are a bit impatient. You think if you really need to witness such trivial details. Here is the twist… Sun-woo finds a long strand of red hair hidden in the scarf, and she immediately knows it belongs to another woman. Sun- woo has short hair! This opening scene will get you glued on.

Sun-woo characterization is that of a smart woman, who has worked her way up the ladder on her own. Once she smells something is off about her husband, she wastes no time and starts “seeing” instead of “looking” around!

By the end of the first episode, she discovers through her husband’s mobile phone hidden in the car, about how their close friends are all aware of his younger girlfriend. She finds out that the younger girlfriend is Da-kyung, theonly daughter of the most influential man in the small town of Gosan. Da-kyung, is aware she is dating a married man, but does not know who his wife is.  There is absolutely no time wasted in setting the plot of this Korean drama series.

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The Mind baffling Screenplay

The plot does not slow down and maintains its pace. There are scenes in this drama, that are fresh and unimaginable. Like the scene where Da-kyung, comes to Sun-woo for a medical check-up only to find out that she is pregnant with Tae-oh’s child. Sun-woo’s dilemma is indescribable. She is the primary bread winner and Tae-oh’s not only lives off her but has no conscience cheating on her!

Sun- woo feels betrayal the most, amongst other emotions. Her pride is shattered. Kim Hee-ae portrays multiple emotions and you will empathize her plight. She decides to bring down her husband.This is where the screenplay is almost a masterpiece. The award-winning screenwriter, Kang Eun-kyung is the creator of this Korean drama. You can see the woman’s touch as she dares to expands the territory of the script. Sun- woo does not hesitate to sleep with Tae-oh’s best friend; his accountant to be able to extract financial information from him.

The next 7-8 episodes are a total thriller. It revolves around how Sun-woo manages to get evidence of Tae-oh’sbetrayal. She avenges him by giving him a divorce that leaves him penniless. Then she humiliates Tae-oh and Da-kyung to such an extent that they have to leave Gosan. Does not spare her friends who betrayed her either. You will be in awe of Sun-woo till here.

The world of the married Kdrama Family

The track of the plot changes after this. The episodes that follow are totally melodramatic with extreme mind games played by the characters. Tae-oh returns to Gosan as a successful movie director, now married to Da-kyung with a daughter. He then tries to woo his son back. Da-kyung plays her part and tries convincing Tae-oh’s son to move in with them, so that they can be a happy family together. This of course, would mean leaving Sun-woo alone. From here onwards it is a cat and mouse chase, and you must watch who wins in the end! Spoiler alert – the ending is very unexpected and mind baffling!

Should you watch The World of the Married Korean drama

The drama is woman centric and kudos to Kim Hee-ae to portray another bold role with complete conviction. This Korean drama on Netflix has an age restriction of 16 years and above. There are bold sensuous scenes, something rare to Kdramas but is in sync with the plot.

It is an unusual role selection for Han So-hee. But she plays her role well and you will hate her for being the marriage breaker. Park Hae-joon is perfect as the two-faced husband.

The script, however, could have portrayed Kim Hee-ae in a positive light till the end. Unfortunately, it does not. There are parts when you are made to believe that Kim Hee-ae is emotionally unstable.  There is a realistic portrayal of how her son suffers due to their separation and struggles to take sides. Overall, it is a good watch. Watch it for the powerful performance of Kim Hee-ae and the thrilling screenplay. It is a serious drama, but very well executed. You will not have any moment of boredom.

The world of the married Kdrama Cast

This Kdrama on Netflix  won 2 prestigious awards at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards – Kim Hee-ae for Best actress and Mo Wan-il for  Best Director 2020.

You can watch the World of married Kdrama on Netflix

Juskorea rating : 4.5/5