Why The Uncanny Counter Kdrama is just the kind of break you need!

The Uncanny Counter is a 2020 Korean drama, aired on OCN Network & Netflix weekly. It is based on the Daum webtoon named Amazing Rumor written by Jang Yi. It is a story of a high school kid So Mun, who hurt one of his legs in a childhood car accident and limp walks.

He suddenly acquires superhuman powers but is given a choice to take it or leave it. While his limp will get cured, he can use these superhuman powers only for helping others and not for himself. If he chooses to be possessed with these superpowers, he will become a Counter – a demon hunter.

Counters are normal looking humans, but possess superhuman powers to hunt down evil spirits that take villianous human souls as host, to gain immortality. The evil spirits then instigate these human souls to go completely evil.

The Counters are usually humans who are in the verge of dying, but are given a chance to live when a partner pure spirit from Yung territory-boundary between afterlife and world of living possess them. Only “good” (pure) human souls are given this opportunity.

We are introduced to Counters as three offbeat people who run a noodle shop named Eonnni’s noodles in the imaginary city of Jungjin, to avoid suspicion. The noodle shop is a sought after eating joint, but has very ordinary interiors and no social media presence. What makes it remarkable is that only these three people run the shop entirely including cooking, serving, cleaning and the shop itself opens at random times, yet has people queing to taste the noodles there.

The story begins when their team member and the fourth Counter are killed while chasing a level 3 evil spirit. The pure Yung spirit from this deceased Counter then surprisingly possesses So Mun, who is not on the verge of dying! How and why he chooses to become a Counter is the abstract of this fast-paced 16 episode run!

Here’s why should you watch this Supernatural genre Korean drama :

  • Yoo Jun-sang as Ga Mo-tak is the physically strongest Counter and trains So Mun later. He was an ex-cop, who almost looses his life while investigating a case. Post his coma, his memory fades. He looks like an angry man, but adds unexpected comedy to the drama.
  • Yeom Hye-ran as Choo Mae-ok is the healer of the group. She heals So Mun’s leg and is like a mother figure to him. She is the most experienced Counter and others look up to her for advise.
  • The third Counter is the very pretty Kim Se-jeong as Do Ha-na. She can read minds by physically touching a person, including their past. She can also sense evil spirits from a long distance.
  • The final Counter is the main lead, Jo Byung-gyu as So Mun, who is not only the youngest but also the fastest among the Counters.He possesses the special ability of Physcokinesis, where he can touch and summon the Territory at his will. Evil spirits loose their strength inside the territory.
  • The women here are different. Each has a feminine side to them, but when it comes to the actual job, they thrash out the evil spirits; literally! They mean business; right from the way they walk; they dress up, their “no nonsense” talk. Their fight scenes are equally action packed.
  • You will love these real women. They have been potrayed equal to the men in every way possible! Not more, not less – just as equal contributors!
  • The CGI has a vibrant touch and you will enjoy it along with the BGM during the well sequenced fight scenes. There is a very “real” element to the surreal situations in this Kdrama.

6. It is about self healing. Each of these Counters would have lost someone/something dear in their lives and live in a sort of guilt. By the end of the series, you are relieved to see them get a closure for these unsettling emotions. The healing process itself is very humane, nothing supernatural here.

7. There are a lot of light moments, like the cute possible romance between So Mun and Do Ha-na. He finds her pretty from the beginning. She is a bit aloof, due to her hard past. She starts liking him slowly due to his warm nature. Viewers would be delighted if this develops into a cuddly romance. The script is cheekily kept open on this!

When these Counters get their Supernatural strength, their hair changes texture to curly hairs. Its hilarious to watch hair literally pop into curly hairs!

Fun Facts :

  • Some sources reveal that The Uncanny Counter will be renewed for a second season. Read more here.
  • This is Jo Byung-gyu first lead titular role as So Mun. The Korean title of this show literally translates as, “Amazing Rumor” or “Amazing So Mun”. Jo Byung-gyu revealed that his name in the korean drama series title actually added pressure to him and he wished they change the title to “Amazing Counter” in Season 2 ( in case it gets renewed).
  • There is a surprise cameo by So Hun Jun in the 15thepisode. He brings with him, his signature situational humor, reducing the tense situations in the final episodes of the drama.
  • The Uncanny Counter is OCN TV channel’s highest rated korean drama so far. OCN is the original cable channel in South Korea, where this drama was broadcast.
  • The writer of the korean Drama series Yeo Ji-na, quit the show after 12th episode due to creative differences with the Producers. The Director stepped up to pen the 13th episode and a new writer was brought in for the remaining 3 episodes. The show nevertheless delivered a very satisfying season finale.
  • The attire of the team is Red track suits teamed with face mask ( only covering nose and mouth). Do not be confused with the dress of the team appearing in the hit series Money Heist! Do not expect any big designer brands of bags or shoes here! The characters are kept very real. The series is high on action/ CGI and story content!

Watching supernatural drama has never been this uncanny! You do not want to miss this one!
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