( A Korean drama review)

About : Korean drama
Year : 2020
Episodes : 6
Distributor : Key East/Netflix
Type of Entertainment : TV show
Genre : Fantasy
Where to watch : Netflix

Cast : Jung Yu-mi, Nam Joo-hyuk

What is it about

The School Nurse Files is a 2020 Korean drama series, distributed by Key East and Netflix. The protagonist Jung Yu-mi plays the role of Ahn Eun-young who works as a school nurse with special powers to see unusual and intense human desires, including supernatural spirits that surround living beings as “jellies”. She is supported by Nam Joo-Hyuk who plays the role of Hong In-pyo,the Chinese language teacher in the same school. He has a special aura of energetic field around him that not only protects from these unnatural forces; but also recharges Ahn Eun-young powers when it weakens! Both team up to protect the school from different supernatural forces threatening to destroy the school.


Welcome to the world of colorful jellies, BB guns, toy knifes and closet full of queer items! There is no time wasted and you are quickly subsumed into Ahn Eun-young’s supernatural world within the first 30 minutes of this Korean drama series. From then on, it is a fast paced thriller.

Jung Yu-mi as Ahn Eun-young is almost perfect. She is queer, starting from her hair to her colored nails and attire! Yet Jung Yu-mi showcases all emotions thoroughly. She is a woman who has accepted her fate as an exorcist. She helps people, even though it goes unnoticed most of the times; because she cannot ignore her special powers. Yet she craves to be a normal being and rejoices when her super powers disappear briefly!

Nam Joo-Hyuk, even though physically challenged as Hong In-pyo is as special as the aura that surrounds him on screen. He takes up teaching to fulfill his late grand father’s (founder of the school) desire. But he is the sober yet adorable Chinese language teacher who limps every bit possible to save the school!

The script sticks to the main story line. Hong In-pyo unknowingly opens up a closed well of dangerous spirits at the basement of the shool and Ahn Eun-young is the only reliable exorcist. They team up, as he is her power bank and helps her fight these evil, “jellies” when her supernatural power weakens.

Its delightful to watch the daring Ahn Eun-young, casually hold the shy Hong In-pyo’s hand to get her energy refill. There is a unique quirky chemistry between Nam Joo-Hyuk and Jung Yu-mi, swaying between a platoonic and a possible romantic relationship.

The CGI is the backbone of this drama. For a change we get to see ludicrous jelly characters instead of the usual scary characters to depict negative supernatural beings and feelings.

The support cast is a good pick & play an important part in the overall story. The teachers in the school are a mix of weird and normal. Again the regulars at Ahn Eun-young’s best friend’s accupuncture centre are funny but will always make you wonder something eerie about them.

The climax is unexpected when the actual story unravels of how many people close to Ahn Eun-young & Hong In-pyo are fakes and actually interested in the school’s basement!

Fun fact

This Korean drama series is based on the novel School Nurse Ahn Eun-young. It is indeed an all woman show lead by women Writer, Director and Main lead! Kudos! Nam Joo Hyuk accepted the role because he always to work with Director Lee Kyoung-mi. This is also his first Netflix original show.

Thumbs Up

This is a quick 6 episode watch. Its mild on the melodrama part. Even a bold arguement about possible lesbians at school is done mildly. Its refreshing to watch some of the best dialogues being delivered without any extra drama around it.

It is a treat to watch Jung Yu-mi transform herself to a weirdo kind exorcist; something very different from her serious movie roles.

For Nam Joo-Hyuk, this role confirms that his acting skills match upto his good looks. He plays the role to the tee – with his black and white clothes, limp walk & serious looks. He does complete justice as a co-star to the experienced Jung Yu-mi.

Thumbs Down

A little more of scenes between the lead would have made it “juicy watch” 😉

My Verdict : Highly recommend

Juskorea Rating : 4/5

This Korean drama series is a meaty book adaptation of a novel of the same name, written by the award winning writer Chung Serang.

You will enjoy this Kdrama series better if you watch it a bit slow. You might miss the story if you binge watch, plus its a bit difficult to watch jellies and gooey colored creatures for 6 episodes straight 🙂

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  • Meenakshi Solai
    On November 10, 2020 8:02 am 0Likes

    Loved the review and wish to watch it. I can imagine the characters while reading this and will never miss the series. Great work dear.

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