Even the most lame music admirer, would have heard of KPOP ( short name for Korean Pop music) in recent times. Thanks to populartity of BTS and other groups like Blackpink who have put KPOP on the global music map, music today truly has no language! So are you not curious about how music from a realtively small country South Korea is now a global phenomenon.

To start Kpop is a conventional and popular music that began and started from South Korea.The term Kpop includes many musical genres within its umbrella. It’s actually Korean pop, including hip hop, rock, and electronic music. Kpop is believed to be a fairly new form of music. The type of Kpop music that you are listening to today was developed around the 1990s. The roots for Kpop began from the 1950s,and have since then already been influenced a lot by different types of Western music and pop groups. American pop culture has also especially had an effect on Kpop.

Kpop A WorldWide Phenomenon

There have been several attempts by many music companies in South Korea to burst into the International music markets, specifically in the United States. Many remarkable tries were from the music groups BoA and Wonder Girls but Kpop got recognized, when Psy’s Gangnam Style hit the radios and televisions all around the world in the summer of 2012. It started off with one song,but now that all the people around the world have gone crazy over BTS, we can definitely call Kpop a worldwide phenomenon!
Many years ago, if you were lucky, you might attend a small club concert by your favorite Kpop artist if you lived in Europe,Brazil or Asia. But now you can also see the groups like Blackpink carry out their music at Coachella!

What Makes K-Pop Distinct?

Kpop with its idol groups is quite different from Western music. The Kpop melodies are attractive and memorable, the choreographies are impressive and the group members are pretty. There is usually a lot of effort also put into making the music videos look cool and classy! The groups have specific styles to help them stand out which make the Kpop unique.Kpop is not just a music genre. It is a worldwide phenomenon. The reason why it is so popular and unique is that the idols are formally trained in singing and dancing from their childhood.

  1. Colour theory and costumes
    One of those things Kpop does so great is artistic use of costumes and colours in music videos. Hundreds years ago, when North America was hardly being industrialized, Asia already had a flourishing art and graphics scene.So it should come as no surprise that Asian pop culture in general, as well as music videos, it is often heavily refined and well thought. Use of outfits, makeup, effects, and everything else and they are always in service to a greater theme and vision.
  2. Choreography
    Choreography is another field in which Kpop artists completely dominate. Kpop groups not only dance and sing- they perform dance routines so challenging and complicated and they usually require truly professional dancers.Not only does it take a crazy amount of practice, hard work and skill but Kpop artists are well known for carrying out these routines live proving they are truly skilled.
  3. Fashion that stands out
    Kpop stars convey a whole new sense of fashion. Their real life styles and outfits often far exceed the western stars’ intensity and originality. Kpop idols never shy away from making a spatter, and have a decidedly unique way of disturbing current trends.
    Just take an example of G-Dragon, a well known member of boy group- Big Bang, and a skilled and expert solo artist. He is not only known for his outstanding musical talent but also G Dragon is a frequent arbiter of fashion.
    4.Melodies addiction
    Pop music would be nothing without appealing sing along lyrics. Kpop is making use of melodies that will quickly get stuck in your head.
    Boy and girl groups alike have taken catchy song writing down to almost a science!This makes their music appealing to fans and importantluy helps them to cross the language barrier.
  4. High Concept Groups
    Now Kpop has evolved and today create highly talented groups with a focussed vision for reaching to new audience. For example, EXO group is an insanely successful boy band based in Asia.This band is made up of two groups Exo K and Exo M. Exo K carries out and promotes the band’s music in Korean, while Exo M does the same in Mandarin. By recording every song in two different languages this boy band increases the band’s potential audience immeasurably.
    Predictably, Exo group is the most popular South Korean male act on the Billboard 200. This occupancy to give a group’s very existence a bigger vision makes Kpop outstanding and important against other genres. A truly different approach to pop music, Exo is a perfect example of the unique ways coming out of Kpop today.
    Kpop is a unique blend of catchy melodies, smooth choreography and performance values, and an everlasting display of attractive South Korean performers who spend years in arduous studio systems learning to sing and dance in synchronized perfection this is what makes Kpop not just a genre, but a global phenomenon progressing towards greater successes.

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