If you wake up as a 70 year old one day; how do you handle it !!!

The Light in your eyes is a 2019 Korean drama on Netflix. The main cast includes Nam joo hyuk, Han ji- min and Kim Hye-Ja. It is supported by Son Hu-jun and Lee Jung-Eun. This drama is critically acclaimed, and the acting skills of the main cast were well appreciated. It remains one of the highest-rated Korean dramas in cable television.


Kim Hye ja (played by Han ji min) is a carefree aspiring radio announcer. She meets the handsome Lee Joo- na, who is an aspiring TV reporter. Hye ja likes Joon- na, for his positive nature, even though he only has his old grandmother as family. They both start to bond as they live in the same locality.

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Soon, Hye ja’s father gets into a hit-and-run car accident and dies. Hye-Ja owns a magic watch, that is her secret childhood find on a beach. The watch can turn back time, letting her undo things that do not go her way! But every time Hye-Ja turns back time, she gets older. Unable to handle her father’s death, Hye-Ja uses the watch multiple times and manages to avoid her father’s accident. The next when day Hye-Ja wakes up only to see herself as a 70-year-old woman. After all, the magic watch comes with a price! How does she manage to survive when she turns 70-year-old overnight is the theme of this 12 episodes Korean drama on Netflix.

Official Trailer : The Light n your Eyes

Official Trailer – The Light in your Eyes TV Series

The light in your eyes Korean drama Review:

This Korean drama starts off with a mediocre background of Hye-Ja’s home, where her mother has a beauty parlor and her caring father who works as a cab driver. Her brother is the very laidback Lee Min-so (played by Son Ho-jun ), who spends time making videos on YouTube; a very aspiring Youtuber! It’s a loving small family, that struggles to make ends meet but is nevertheless happy. The story kicks in by the end of the first episode and you have a 70-year-old Hye-ja in the climax.

Kim Hye-Ja, who plays the 70-year-old Hye-ja is a treat to watch. She struggles to accept her reality. And cannot digest how her once beautiful 25-year self is now a skin lagging, old frail 70-year-old woman. She convinces her parents and brother.

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But her biggest worry is how to break this to Joon-na; for she likes him too much and worries about him as he does not have his parents or sibling. She meets him again, at the old age home where she goes to spend time. He works as a caretaker of sorts there, after his grandmother’s death. She enacts her emotional dilemma well; she is a 25-year-old woman, stuck in a 70-year-old body, longing for her love who is right in front of her!

The interactions between Hye ja in her younger self and the handsome Joon-Na is cute and funny. This couple is too cute because you can hardly tell their age difference off-screen. There are limited scenes between these two leads in “lovey-dovey” scenes, but they are memorable and very sweet!

Han ji min aces herself as the girl next door totally in love with the smart Nam Joo hyuk. Nam Joo Hyuk plays a very different role as the unlucky, struggling reporter. This is a deglamorized role for him. But his good looks are not hidden in his “simple avatar” for this kdrama! He looks dazzling, as usual.

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The script toggles between various situations; some in Hye ja’s new reality, some in her 25-year-old self’s earlier life and her imagination of sorts. While the situations will make the viewer appreciate the “now” in life better, this Korean drama becomes sombre after a few episodes. Min-so is the comical respite but it gets a little annoying to see him mooch off his poor parents. Hye-ja has two best friends and it is fun to watch the “girls’ gang” bond over silly things and Hye-ja’s crush! You cannot expect the ending and the viewers finally can connect the missing links of the entire Kdrama series!

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The drama focuses on how life would be in old age and not in a dreamy way! You will perhaps witness more of the unpleasant side of old age. While this Korean drama on Netflix is heart-warming, it is more of a serious emotional watch. A few more scenes between the younger Han Ji min and Nam Joo Hyuk with some pleasant humour would have made it an emotional yet cheerful watch!

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Watch it if you are looking for something dramatic and emotional. Keep the tissues handy because You will need it 😉

Juskorea rating: 3/5