Sweet and Sour is a 2021 Korean movie on Netflix, that was released in June this year. This Korean movie belongs to the comedy romance genre. It is based on the novel “Initiation Love” by Japanese author Kurumi Inui.

Sweet and Sour Cast and Plot:

It stars model and actor Jang Ki-yong (of Come and hug me Kdrama fame) and Chae Soo-bin (of I’m not a Robot Kdrama fame).Singer and actress Krystal Jung(of Bride of Habaek fame) plays the second lead heroine.

Jang Ki-yong & Chae Soo-bin are a couple very much in love and in a live-in relationship. Jang Ki-yong plays the role of Hyuk an engineer and Chae Soo-bin plays the role of Da-eun, a nurse by profession.Hyuk’s firm deploys him to a bigger firm in Seoul on a contract basis. He is worries about leaving Da-eun back in Incheon. So he buys a car and decides to travel to and fro to make the relationship work. He also rents a place in Seoul.

Sweet and Sour Korean Movie 1

Hyuk has a competitor; another contract worker in Krystal Jung, who plays the role of the sly and smart Bo-yeong. Both hate each other initially but become friends once they get a joint assignment. Work hours become long and Hyuk starts seeing less of Da-eun. Bo-yeong likes Hyuk and flirts with them regularly, in the hope he will return her attention.

Da-eun gets pregnant during the course. Hyuk is not exactly ready for it. Da-eun has her mood swings and Hyuk is too tired to handle it. He also slowly gets attraction to the carefree and sophisticated Bo-yeong.Does the couple manage to keep the relationship or the long-distance is too tiring to handle, is the plot of this Korean movie.

Sweet and Sour Korean Movie : Netflix Review

The movie’s opening scenes have an overweight Hyuk hospitalized for Hepatitis. The tone of the movie is set to comedy as everyone, including his parents avoid him. They all worry about getting an infection by him. However, the petite but caring nurse Da-eun takes extra care of him. Hyuk cannot believe his luck that a pretty nurse is actually showing interest in him.

By the time their hospital “meet cute” ends, they are a couple! This of course leaves you a bit confused about Da-eun‘s intentions. After all why would someone like her, be interested in the overweight and unadventurous Hyuk! You are very soon introduced to a slimmer version of Hyuk & then it seems to perfectly fit in.

The main plot starts when Hyuk is set to move to Seoul. Its funny to watch his progress. He is initally all enthusiastic & even smirks at others who are half asleep in the car waiting in the traffic between Incheon and Seoul. Then soon changes like them, when reality sinks in. He then understands how annoying and tiring the travel can get. His moody and pregnant girlfriend is not much of solace at the end of a hard day!

Sweet and Sour Korean Movie 2

The scenes between Hyuk and the fancy Bo-yeong are mischevious with fun flirtation. You feel sorry for Hyuk who holds back and tries hard not to get swayed.

The screenplay is smart, as you constantly wonder if Hyuk gave in to Bo-yeong’s advances. The movie moves in a well-pace and the plot keeps progressing. You will sympathise with both the protagonists, who are right in their positions and try hard to make the relationship work.

The best part of the movie is the climax scenes. You are in for something which you never expect!

The Verdict :

Sweet and Sour korean movie is one of those movies, you watch on a weekend cuddled lazily on your home couch! The plot is simple, trying to showcase how tough it is to have a long term relationship. The storytelling makes all the difference! It is well-executed and will keep you amused till the end!

Sweet and Sour Korean Movie 3

Jang Ki yong plays his part wthe part of the smart and real male lead convincingly. Chae Soo bin plays her role of a kind nurse and leaves you wondering of her intentions. Krystal Jung is perfect as the fancy woman every man is bound to be curious about.

Juskorea rating: 3.5/5