Are you ready to go “behind the scenes” of the food delivery business!

Strongest Delivery Man is a 2017 Korean drama on Netflix. The cast includes Go Kyung pyo(of Chicago Typewriter kdrama, Kim Seon-ho ( of Start Up kdrama ), Chae Soo bin (of Sweet and Sour Korean movie ) and Ko Won-hee. This Kdrama plot revolves around people who are in the food delivery business.

Strongest Delivery Man : Plot

Go Kyung pyo plays the role of Choi Kang-soo, a delivery man by profession who dreams to beceome CEO of his own company some day. Chae Soo bin is his co-worker; Lee Dan-ah, who wants to earn enough to be able to move out of South Korea. She feels delivery is tougher on her because is a woman and is discriminated in a man’s world. Kim Seon ho plays the role of Oh Jin kyu, a rich but carefree heir, who is not liked by his father. Ko Won hee is Lee Ji-yoon,again a rich heiress of a food giant but wants to be independent and away from her family.

Ji-yoon meets Kang- soo while trying to run away from her mother. She falls for his kind heartedness, even though he does not reciprocate the same feeling.Oh Jin kyu causes an accident and hurts Kang-soo’s friend by mistake. Kang-soo then tries to teach him a lesson for his doing. Oh Jin kyu is also asked to move out by his father due to this incident.

Ji-yoon’s mother takes over the locality where Kang-soo is working, tries to buy over the small restaurants there and have her big hotel there. Kang-soo gets the small restaurants to enter an agreement with him, and sign on his food delivery app.

The story gets interesting when Oh Jin kyu is employed by Ji-yoon’s mother to look after her hotel in the locality. Oh Jin kyu likes Lee Dan-ah, but she is smitten by the ambitious and helpful Kang-soo.Does the new food app succeed in helping the small restaurants survive against a food conglomerate is the storyline of this 16 episode Korean drama.

Strongest Delivery Man : Review

This Korean drama gives an insight on food delivery business. As customers, one can only relate to food delivery as food handed over by the food delivery person. But there is a lot that goes behind the scenes before the food reaches us. This Kdrama screenplay is a good attempt at showcasing those hardships in the restaurant business. It also gives an interesting perspective on how perhaps the idea of creating a food delivery app might have been conceived. The story is well paced and you will not be bored.

Strongest Deliveryman 1

You will see a lot of food here and no one is complaining. The story has an interesting mix of the lead characters and events that lead to how they end up together. The support characters are used wisely and add to the comic element in the drama. The romance between Kang so and Dan-ah is delightful. Only when Dan-ah realises that Kang so has a fan in Ji-yoon, she realises what she is missing!

Go Kyung pyo plays the righteous protagonist again, convincingly. His screen presence usually gives the viewer pleasant vibes. In this Korean drama, you will like him as the “good guy”. He is not an extraordinary hero, but just someone who is trying to do the right thing for himself and people around him. His hairdo is a bit different at the beginning of the series, but he comes back looking cool after the first few episodes.

The second love story in this Korean drama comes off as a more entertaining romance. Kim Seon ho is adorable as the second lead hero. He is just a victim of wrong timing and things take a complete awry turn for him! You feel sorry for him and even wonder if he is not too good an actor; looks and smile included 😉 to be just cast as a second lead! His chemistry and eventual love story with Ko Won hee is very cute.

If you are a Kim Seon ho fan after Start Up Kdrama, then this one is for you!

Ko Won hee is loveable as the clingy second heroine. She is modern and cute and shows unpredictable maturity when needed. Her pairing with Kim Seon ho is the best part of the drama. The way these two fall in love is a captivating fun watch. The fashion element is just right and does not go overboard; making it very relateable. Also, listen to the track “Lalala” from this Korean drama OSTGo Kyung pyo has rendered his voice and has a nice melodious ring to it.

Strongest Deliveryman 2

The Verdict :

Strongest Delivery Man Korean drama makes a good watch. The screenplay has all the necessary doses of a good entertaining TV show- drama, comedy and romance. This is Go Kyung pyo first role as the main lead in a Korean drama and he does not disappoint you in this Kdrama either! Plus if you are missing Kim Seon ho, then watch this to fill in the gap, till his new drama is out 😉

Juskorea rating : 4/5

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