Snowdrop Korean drama review

About Snowdrop Kdrama :

Snowdrop is a 2021 Korean drama starrring Jung Hae In and Kim Jisoo of the Blackpink KPOP group. This is the second collaboration between the hit duo writer Yoo Hyun-mi and director by Jo Hyun-tak. He has created the Starcastle, the highest rated Korean drama on cable TV till date.

Plot :

The story is around the 1980’s against the internal unrest background in South Korea. Jung Hae In ( Im Soo-ho) plays the main protagonist; who gets introduction as a student  returning to Seoul from Berlin. He meets Kim Jisoo (Eun Young-ro ) on a group blind date and its like love at first sight for the couple.

Jung Hae in - Jisoo- Snowdrop Kdrama

Jung Hae in – Jisoo- Snowdrop KDrama

Few months later, cops chase Im Soo-ho and a bleeding Im Soo-ho lands in Eun Young-ro dormitory. He, of course goes there unaware that it her room. The kind  Eun Young-ro presumes him to be a student protestor and pursuades her friends to help her give him a secret shelter in the all girls dorm. Few scenes forward, Im Soo ho is back again, as cops chase him, but this time he is desperate to escape. He does not think twice before holding a gun on  Eun Young-ro’ head and holding her captive as his bait to run.

Snowdrop Kdrama Review:

This Korean drama begins will girls hustling and bustling in their all women’s dormitory. These are pretty girls in their freshman years, giggling and getting excited for the simpler things of life! You will then be in awe of the dormitory and the detailing shown. Then there is Jisoo;  Eun Young-ro running to her dorm as she will otherwise miss her 9PM roll call. The dorm doors close at 9PM.

Dorm – SNOWDROP KDrama

Parallely, you have a set of 80’s boys, going all crazy over Eun Young-ro’s senior roommate and itching for a date with her. They are granted a date when Eun Young-ro, who picks the phone call for her roommate, cheekily makes it a group date! You are introduced to the very handsome and slick Jung hae in ; Im Soo-ho who is begged by his friends to accompany them to the group date, as they are one member short.

Its a very neatly done meet cute when the protagonists meet. All things go well, until cops chase Im Soo-ho briefly. The first episodes also gives a background of heavy politics of North Korea and South Korea. You have the wives of politicians trying to score points for their husbands. Finally the police planning heavily to chase down a North Korean spy, who is supposed to have killed one of their members.  The story is left open and you just know that Im Soo-ho may not be the German return student.

Jung Hae in - Jisoo- Snowdrop Kdrama 1

Jung Hae in – Jisoo- Snowdrop

There is detailing done in all aspects that will take back in time. The dormitory, the cafe, the fashion element, the hair and the clothes , the cassette player, even Jung hae in sports a very sleek hair style! This makes it a good break from the otherwise current time Kdrama, that we get the expose to.

Following episodes get exciting when Eun Young-ro finds a bleeding Im Soo-ho in her room. And the storytelling will keep you occupied as she saves him. The chemistry between the two leads is awesome. They obviously like each other but do not utter a word about it. Jisoo acting skills are praise-worthy. It is hard to believe that this is her first Kdrama series as a leading Korean actress.

Jung Hae in - Jisoo- Chemistry

Jung Hae in – Jisoo- Chemistry

Jung hae in is perfect in his character of North Korean secret agent Im Soo-ho. There is a soft side where he likes Eun Young-ro, but hesistates to committ anything to her due to his background. Then there is hard side where he is on a mission for his country and he has to escape at any cost, and get back alive.


The script neatly links Im Soo-ho, Eun Young-ro and the bigger politics! It is simple, yet done well. You may not guessed how these two protagonists end up linked in the bigger events of things.

Should you watch Snowdrop Korean drama:

This Korean drama has been under the lens since the time it got announcement. While fans were initially excited about the casting, thing went South once the story was revealed. The makers have confirmed that they have consciously not touched the actual historical political events during this time.

Snowdrop kdrama


Snowdrop Kdrama is a romantic Kdrama setup in a political thriller background. Jung Hae in rocks as a North Korean agent. He speaks few words and lets his  his expressions do all the talking! Kim Jisoo is a bautiful surprise package. She portays her role of a naive college student to perfection. Its hard not to adore her! You also have Kim Hye Yoon of Extradordinary You Korean drama and Yoo In na from Guardian Kdrama in very unconventional roles.

As a viewer, if you are open to see a reel story of an earlier period, then this Korean drama has to be on your watchlist! The production value is huge,the cast is perfect and the chemistry is simply not to be missed! Do not miss this one.

Snowdrop Korean drama is available to watch on online free sites and Disney+ in some locations.