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She would never know is a Korean drama 2021, based on a 2017 webtoon of the name Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick, penned by Elise (Elize). It is a Noona romance themed Kdrama.

The story is set in an office background, where the protagonists work for a cosmetics company. It has the handsome and dapper Rowoon (from the KPOP boy band SF9)as the younger hero, who is head over heels in love with Won Jin ah ( known for her role in Melting me softly Kdrama); his sophisticated and chic Senior at office. He likes her for a long time and just when he contemplates on confessing his feeling to her; he finds out that she is going steady with their department head. Again, when he is trying hard to grow out of her; he discovers that her boyfriend has been cheating her for sometime and she does not have a clue about it!

How does Rowoon react? How does he reveal the harsh truth to Won Jin ah ? Does he manage to confess his true feelings for her? Is it too soon for her to move on? This 16 episode Korean drama series just answers all these questions.

She Would Never Know Korean drama review :
( Slight Spoilers ahead!)

What we liked about this romantic Korean drama:

The Kdrama opens to a voguish marketing office, with a very fancy and trendy dressed team that creates and handles cosmetics products. The office space itself is modern & affluent and is a perfect background for office courtship. By the middle of the episode you are part of this small yet chatty team, where the members support each other well. Admist this, you will easily spot the tall and handsome intern Chae Hyun seung, played by Rowoon and his longing for his petite and smart senior Yoon Song ah, played by Won Jin ah. He craves for her attention beyond the formal office lines but she does not have a clue! It feels like you are reading the opening of a classic Mills and Boon romance novel!

The main protagonists characterisations are a good balance of real and novel like leads. It feels real to see a younger Chae Hyun seung all worked up and angry when he finds out his dear Senior is being cheated upon by her long time boyfriend, played by Lee Hyunwook.

Love and passion is most selfless at a young age because your heart rules over your head! Chae Hyun seung proves this right when he literally yelps at Yoon Song ah in a heated arguement, that he likes her and not just as a office senior. He does not think before confessing his true feelings and asking her if she ever thought of him beyond her trainee! You will find this not so chivalrous hero, real and very relatable.

Yoon Song ah on the other hand finds it too much to chew – being cheated and being asked out again, happens simultaneously leaving her all confused!
There is just enough romance and drama with her old boyfriend, denying that he cheated on her, and her affectionate new wooer, before she realises that she cannot let go of Chae Hyun seung.

The drama comes full circle as the lead couple start as fresh lovers, try balancing their careers and figure out how much of themselves they can invest for a relationship. Chae Hyun seung takes the lead in pursuing Yoon Song ah in the beginnging. Towards the end, tables are turned and Yoon Song ah chases Chae Hyun seun, making it an exciting and fun watch. So do not worry there is not an overdose of sugary romance!

There are support characters, who interestingly have their own stories that will keep you well occupied. Chae Hyun seung has two elder sisters, who are unique with their own take on love and relationships. The story has a good twist. His second sister,played by Ha Yoon Kyung who is supposedly well settled with a daughter, faces some unexpected harsh reality about her husband. Again, Ha Yoon Kyung‘s daughter is simply cute and she carries some heavy dialogues! Usually, child characters talking mature talk is a little annoying for viewers. But you wont mind this little one!

The elder sister, played by Wang Bit na who is a single and successful designer takes her chance when wooed by the Director of the cosmetic company, played by Lee Kyu-han where the lead protagonists work. This love story between Wang Bit na and Lee Kyu han is funny yet adorable.

The overall fashion element is very urban and trendy. You will love the stylish clothes worn by Won Jin ah. Most of her clothes involve smart pants/trousers and trendy denims paired with versatile shirts,pull overs, jackets and scarfs. The bags and shoes are additional fashion accessories, that enhance the look.

Rowoon’s height of 6’3” inches itself qualifies him for ramp walk! His smart casual clothing makes him look like a complete fashion model! His clothes range from casual shirts, coats, trench coats and jackets.

The OST is neat and has a good mix of songs ranging from slow to medium paced melodious love songs.

What we did not like about this romantic Kdrama:

The script is very vague and unconvincing for the reason Yoon Song ah breaks up with Chae Hyun seung. The initial story where Chae Hyun seung pursues Yoon Song ah is cute, but some scenes go a bit over board. For instance, the scene where he follows Yoon Song ah to the pub is childish and makes him look a bit overbearing.

Passion Quotient : 4/5

Should you watch She Would Never Know Korean drama 2021:
If you are looking for a light breezy romantic drama, then this is the one for you. The story has its share of twists, but the script sticks to the genre of Korean drama romance.

Rowoon plays his role of love sick protaganist to close perfection. It is hard to believe that this is only his second drama as the main lead. His transition in roles from a school student in Extraordinary you korean drama to a working professional, trying his chance with his Senior has been pretty smooth and admirable. As Chae Hyun seung, he raises the bar of a Korean drama romantic hero, leaving viewers gasping in awe!

Won Jin ah is likeable as the smart Senior. She plays it hot and cold but her acting skills makes it very relatable. The chemistry between the two leads is fresh and flickers between warm and fiery, making it a curious watch. It is like reading a good old Mills and Boon romance novel. Go for it!

Viewers can watch it on iqiyi app

Juskorea rating : 4/5

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