Kim Soo hyun won the Best Actor award at the 50th Baeksang Awards for this role!

About : Korean movie
Year : 2013
Running time : 123 minutes
Type of Entertainment : Movie
Genre : Dark comedy/Thriller
Director : Jang Cheol-soo

Cast : Kim Soo Hyun, Park Ki woong, Lee Hyun woo

Secretly Greatly Korean Movie Plot :

Kim Soo Hyun, Park Ki woong, Lee Hyun woo are North Korean spies, stationed under cover in a small town in South Korea. These three spies are part of a larger group of 30 spies stationed across South Korea under disguise. They are highly trained at a very young age. They have been given to understand that they are being sent to South Korea, as part of a bigger aim of unification of both the countries.

Each of these spies work in South Korea as simpletons doing mundane chores, not giving away their true identity. Years pass before they hear anything from their higher ups from North Korea. Finally, they are given a mission. It is a sickly mission of taking their own lives!

Post the Battle of Yeongpyeong, South Korea demands North Korea to hand over the 30 agents placed in South Korea. They do not explicitly plan anything hideous for these agents. North Korea does not trust them and asks these agents to sacrifice themselves, not risking to give away any information.

Do these agents agree for the self sacrifice or risk not taking orders is the main plot of this Korean movie.

Secretly Greatly Korean Movie Review :

Secretly Greatly Korean movie is based on the 2010 webtoon named Covertness, penned by author Hun. It is a huge hit with over 40 million page views. It starts off as a usual spy movie, with Norht Korean spies taking orders to move into their arch enemy borders of South Korea. From there on, it takes a different pace altogether. You will get engrossed into the lives of these three protagonists, as they live very normal lives. Their disguise is so detailed, that they literally are part of the small town and no one would ever consider them to be more.

The story itself is set in a very basic small town, devoid anything glamorous. Kim Soo Hyun is the lead protagonist, playing the role of a village fool. He works in a small shop for an old lady. As usual, he displays superior acting skills and he keeps viewers entertained between his double role as an undercover idiot and a Lieutenant, who is in top shape waiting for his orders.

He is accompanied by Park Ki woong, who plays the role of a funky wannabe singer, awaiting his big break. Park Ki woong is extremely funky with his hairdo and attire and you cannot imagine him to be anything beyond someone who is dreaming of a POP music career.

The trio is completed by Lee Hyun woo (The Liar and his Lover Korean drama fame), the youngest undercover agent. He is perfectly disguised as a school kid. He is the youngest of the trio in the team. You will empathise with his fears and anxiety that bothers him, inspite of the tough face he shows to all.

The bonding between the trio and the small town community, where they look out for each other is heart rendering. There is tension & confusion in the air, when they receive their final mission. The movie is well paced towards the second half. There are plenty of action scenes throughout the movie, especially in the climax, which are well choreographed. However, there are scenes of gross comedy too, which are not really palatable. Overall, it is more of a dark comedy Korean movie, with no dramatic twist at the end.

Should you watch Secretly Greatly Korean movie?

This Korean movie has good action and is set in a very real ordinary background. It is a good change to watch this movie, if you want a break from American spy thriller movies. If you are a Kim Soo Hyun fan, then this is for you. If Spy thrillers or realistic movies are not your genre, you can give this a miss.

Juskorea rating : 3/5