Meet 3 new-age women who don’t mind fighting it out in the real Corporate world

If we gave you an alternate universe where only women call the shots; do not make the mistake of imagining it to be all pink, mushy and sweet! Search WWW is a 2019 Korean drama on Netflix, revolves around 3 women who work for two competing Internet web portal companies.

The Search: WWW cast has the experienced Im-Soo-Jung (of Chicago typewriter kdrama ), Lee Da-hee & Jeon Hye-jin as the leading ladies. The male cast includes Jang Ki-Yong(of Sweet & Sour Korean movie) and Lee Jae-Wook (of Dodosolsollalasol Korean drama).

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Search: WWW synopsis

Im-Soo-Jung plays the role of Tammy, who is a workaholic in her early 40s. The web portal giant Unicorn fires her from the Director position. In other words, she loses her best position. Then asks her to represent the company in a legal trial against Unicorn’s search algorithm. However, she ends up losing the trial. Post the trial, they fire her unceremoniously. So, She joins Unicorn’s competitor Barro.

Search WWW 1

Lee Da-hee plays the role of Scarlett working as Social Director at Barro. Jeon-Hye-jin plays the role of Song-Ga-Kyeong, former boss to Tammy who does not support her as promised post the trial. In other words, he falls back on his word. She is Scarlett’s school senior and a role model of sorts to Scarlett.

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Search: WWW Review

This Korean drama has a dramatic starting episode, where Tammy is asked to represent Unicorn in court. She argues with her senior, Song Ga-kyeong. However, she is asked to go to court anyway. You know Tammy is a tough character as you see her defend her company in the trial. However, the outcome is not as expected as she loses the trial. Consequently, they hand her the pink slip immediately.

You know the setting is a tough corporate setup. For instance, her seniors who are women show no empathy to her. Now that we have set the background, we give you 5 reasons why you should try watching this Korean drama.

1.It is an all-women-oriented Korean drama. It is the story of three women who are career-orient, independent, and can take control of their lives. If you want to take a short break from oozing romantic Korean drama, then this is for you!

Search WWW 3

2.Do not worry cause there are cute love stories too. Jang Ki-Yong is not an elder, he is 10 years younger than Im-Soo-Jung. However, Jang Ki-Yong plays her love interest. Noona romances always have that something exciting to the script. In this Kdrama, a one-night stand turns into a love story and it has its own kick. Lee Jae-Wook plays the role of a tough actor in this Korean drama. However, the “very tough on the outside” Lee Da-hee, falls for this reel actor. Their romance is cute.

Search WWW 4

3.The fashion quotient is high. Moreover, you have smart office wear with stylish accessories to watch out for.

Search WWW 5

4.It is about how women’s sisterhood. The screenplay takes you through the lives of these women who start off as best friends but split due to differences. However, they do not give up on each other. So if you are in the mood to celebrate friendship, then you will definitely enjoy this one.

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5.The screenplay will teach you a thing or two about web portal companies and how they actually work. The storyline is in a fast pace style. And brings about aspects of the fears middle-aged women face. For instance, Tammy likes her young beau in Jang Ki-Yong but hesitates to move forward in their relationship. He tries to convince her about his liking for her, but she is unsure if she is a right fit for him. She has been focusing on her career so much. Therefore, she does not really know how to handle a real relationship.

Passion Quotient : 4/5

Fun Facts :

  • Lee Dong Wook makes a smalll cameo in this Korean drama. However, this short cameo is as charismatic as his off screen persona.
  • The OST song “WOW” sung by the girl KPOP band “Mamamoo” awarded the Best Original Soundtrack award at the 12th Korea Drama Awards.
  • Search: WWW ending has well reception by the audiences. In addition, it even enjoyed a credible viewership rating of about 5.2% in South Korea. It was a happy and convincing ending for the three woman protagonists.

Juskorea rating : 4/5

Search WWW 7

The Verdict:

Search: WWW Korean drama definitely makes a good one-time watch. The all-women cast in the protagonists and the villains makes it a “different” even in the drama genre of Korean drama.