Four Short stories; anthology genre starring singer/ actor IU

Persona Kdrama is a short format with limited episodes of the Korean drama series. It belongs to the anthology genre. KPOP singer and actress Lee Ji-euno; popularly known as IU leads this 2019 Korean drama on Netflix. The four episodes direction is by independent critically famous directors.

There are four episodes with different story lines in this series. As a viewer you are intrigued to know what this is all about. Plus, the duration of each episode, that is only about 20 minutes makes it more inviting. This review is based on the first 2 stories named Love Set and Collector.

Love Set Review

As the name suggests, this episode is about winning love on a Tennis court. IU is the possessive daughter who does not want to lose her father, played by Kim Tae-hoon (of Navillera Korean drama ) to her English teacher. The plot is simple; there is a tennis match between IU and her English teacher, played by Bae Doona( of Kingdom Kdrama). She must accept her father’s beau; her English teacher in case she loses the match.

Persona Korean Drama love set

You are transporting to a real tennis match court, throughout the episode. The twenty minutes covers every match point between the two leading women. It almost feels like a bloodbath, with women, injure over the game. You can see how Koreans almost have the best skin. The close-up shots reveal their flawless skin even beneath the makeup. There are extreme skin-revealing shots; that make it a sensual watch on screen. If you thought petite women are not attractive, you are sure to change your views after watching this Kdrama episode.

Persona Korean Drama love set 1

IU fits the role as a strong headed daughter, who does not want her father to get diverted in a new relationship. She is angry, anxious, and itching to win her father back. There is a lot of sensuality in the story telling; but it is extremely slow. The screenplay drags, and not worth the wait, for the climax. Unfortunately, as a viewer, you really are tempted to push the forward button.

Collector Review on Persona Kdrama

The opening scene is very captivating as you are introduced to IU doing yoga in a lonely terrace, that is surrounded by lush greenery all around. She is the pretty, casually dressed woman who oozes sensuality. She looks bored when she meets Park Hae-soo, someone she has been seeing. The dialogues get interesting as Park Hae-soo questions her, on her recent trip to Thailand with male friends. He is head over heels in love with her. She is a little too fancy for him! He feels betrayed as he cautiously asks her, how she spent her time with her male friends.

The script is interesting for some time. But again, there are only dialogue exchanges for the whole 20 odd minutes between the two protagonists. Eventually, IU asks him for a gesture of love as she is clearly not the committed type. He hands over his throbbing heart and IU pleasingly treasures it in a bottle, that she carries in a bag that has similar bottles. The Korean drama series leaves the viewer with a lot of confusion at the end. You even wonder if the so-called critically acclaimed art and drama are not really for the common man!

Persona Korean Drama collector

Should you watch Persona kdrama -Netflix

Persona Korean drama was well received in Korea and was in the top ten list of popular programs on Netflix Korea. This Korean drama series has a lot of melancholy. The script has simple stories, but the execution is complicated. The script, unfortunately, drags, even though it is only for 20 minutes. For an ordinary viewer, there is little enjoyment apart from IU’s performance. You can skip this one.

Juskorea rating : 2.5/5

Persona is available on Netflix