At Close range with the korean star Park Seo Joon.

If you watch Korean dramas, chances are that you love Korean drama romedy. This also means that you could not have missed the megahit Korean drama series What’s wrong with Secretary Kim . If you have watched this romantic comedy show then, you already have heard about its lead actor Park Seo Joon.

Park Seo joon (PSJ) has wooed viewers with his versatile acting skills, ability to develop superb chemistry with all his female co-stars on screen and his infectious smile! How about some cool triva about this small screen superstar!

Family & Personal Life

1. Born in Seoul he then moved to the south korean city Incheon . He is the eldest of three brothers. He finished in Arts major from Seoul Arts University.

2. Park Seo Joon age is 32 years old, 6’1” tall and a December born Sagittarian.

3. He completed his mandatory military training before his debut, much to the respite of fans worldwide. He apparently joined military when he was 19 years old,along with his friends after finishing his formal education as he was still making up his mind then, about a career in acting.

TV shows and movies

4. His most acclaimed TV show is the webtoon based Korean drama “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”. This Kdrama took him to new heights of success and critics rightfully named him, “Master of romantic comedy”. The smash hit Netflix Kdrama Itaewon class is the actors last drama.

He has acted on the big screen too. Park Seo Joon’s movie, “Midnight runners” where he plays role of a rookie police officer, earned US$13.6 million in the first five days of its release, making it a huge success.


5. While he started his career in 2011 by debuting in the music video of Bang Yong-guk’s single “I Remember”; he came into limelite in 2015. In the year 2015 he starred in the hit Korean rom-coms – “She was Pretty” and “Kill me, Heal me”.

Park Seo Joon in “She was Pretty” brought his acting skills to the limelight as he was pitted against an equally good looking and talented Choi Siwon as the second lead. He managed to vow viewers with his signature acting skills of emoting and romancing well! He can sing a tuneful too! Fans loved his solo songs in, “A witch’s love”, “Hwarang and “She was pretty”.

Both critics and audiences recognized Park Seo Joon’s works. His huge list of awards is a testimony to the same. Among the many awards won by him, he won the APAN Star Award (Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseriesfor Secy Kim), Asia Artist Award (Best Star Award for Fight for My Way), KOFRA Film Award (Best New actor for movie Midnight Runners), Fashionista Award (Best Fashion in TV for She was Pretty)

Park Seo Joon in movie Parasite

6. He also has some famous cameo role in his sleeve. Who can forget Park Seo Joon’s cameo in “Parasite” movie. The director of this Oscar winning movie,wanted to cast someone who will not have too much screen time, but will be remembered by audiences.

This is the reason he choose PSJ for the cameo. We must say he nailed it! His most recent cameo is in Park bo gum starrer Netflix hit Korean drama “Record of youth”. He is praised for the cameo appearance in the 2015 hit movie The Beauty Inside.

Wooga” Squad:

7. He is best friends with fellow “Hwarang” Kdrama actor Park Hyung Sik, Kim Taehyung, a.k.a of “V” from the biggest KPOP group BTS, Choi Woo Shik of the movie “Parasite” fame and singer and rapper Peakboy. This friends’ gang fondingly call themselves the “Wooga squad”. They are known to often hang out together. You can find them cheering and teasing each other on SM!

Park Seo Joon and Kim Taehyung celebreated their friendship by Kim Taehyung singing a single, Sweet Night for the korean star Park Seo Joon’s drama Itaewon class . He is a soccer fan and best friends with soccer player Son Heung Min, who is the first Asian to score 100 goals in the Premier League.

Park Seo Joon in Instagram

8. Park Seo Joon’s IG is @bn_sj2013 . He has a huge fan base of 17.3million followers, making him one of the Top 5 Korean actors with maximum followers on Instagram. He regularly updates his instagram with cool selfies/his pet Simba’s pics/photoshoot pics.

Park Seo Joon in Youtube

9. PSJ connects with his fans reguarly through Vlogs on his Youtube channel called Record Park’s. Awarded with the Youtube Gold Play button to celebrate one million subscribers within a year. He is the first Korean actor to receive the Gold Play Button. On his 32nd birthday this year, PSJ named his fandom through his Vlog.

Park has a huge fan following both in South Korea and abroad. So much so that he named his fandom – Jeomju ( meaning Store keeper). He felt this name sounded like Box Office and correctly revealed how all his fans play big role in his life!

10.The korean star Park Seo Joon, flaunts a well nourished skin. His secret to this glow is using at least one Facesheet mask daily with the usual cleanse tone moisturise routine. He has fit abs and confirmed to have had 8 hours of work out and training to be able to fit the role of a martial artist in the movie, “Divine Fury”.

Pet Lover – Simba

11. Park Seo joon’s dog is called Simba. He is very much a “dog daddy”!

Simba is a powdery white, fluppfy Bichon Frise breed, (this breed is of small, cheerful dogs) & looks as cute as a toy! You can often see him with PSJ on his Instagram and Youtube Vlog updates.

Net worth – Park Seo Joon

12.Park Seo Joon’s networth is approximated to be above 5MillionUSD. His income is inclusive of his brand endorsements, Korean drama, Korean movie and Youtube channel income. Park Seo Joon has good sense of styling. Global brand Tommy Hilfiger endorsed him.

Charity & Endorsements

He is the first ever Tommy Hilfiger Asian Male model, way back in 2017. His brand endorsements include Mont Blanc, Ziozio, Tommy Hilfiger, Dr Jart,Tirtir, Bibigo,Laniege & Dominos Pizza. He is big at heart and according to some news sources has donated USD84,000 to flood victims in August 2020, and in February, he donated the same amount to the city of Daegu to help fund medical equipment to fight Covid-19.

13. PSJ claims to be an introvert in private! However, his co-stars adore him for the way he makes them at ease on the set. He does not consider himself to be good looking, as his looks do not match upto the Korean male standards of sharp nose, double eyelids etc.

Contrary to his belief, he captured viewers hearts in the TV show, “Youn’s Kitchen”! PSJ was one of the chef/helpers in this reality show, of a restaurant set in Spain. One of the guests actually called him handsome on the show and PSJ was all blushing with the compliment!

He was called the “Ryan Gosling of Asia” during the promotion of his movie Divine Fury. He also appeared in the reality variety show, “3 Meals a day – Mountain Village”.

14. PSJ is best known for his rom-coms like, “She was pretty”, Fight for my way, What’s wrong with Secretary Kim and “A Witch’s romance”. His on-screen chemistry with his female co-stars is so sizzling and convincing, that fans have shipped Park Seo Joon with Kim ji Won( co-star of Fight for my way) and Park Min-young ( co-star of Secretary Kim) as real girl friends. PSJ, of course rubbished all the rumours.

Upcoming Movie

15. Fans are excited to see korean star Park Seo Joon and IU in his upcoming movie titled, “Dream” . It is a sports comedy drama genre movie, where PSJ plays the role of a football player, who receives disciplinary action and is given the challenging job of coaching the national football team of homeless people for the Homeless World Cup.

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