( A complete list of Park Seo Joon’s Korean dramas)

Park Seo Joon, is easily one of the fan favourite, Korean drama star. If you have watched him even in one drama, you would be smitten by his versatility and screen presence. He has excellent on screen chemistry with his co-stars, making you wonder if they are dating in real life too! He simply commands the Romedy genre in Korean drama. His emotional scenes are praise-worthy too. He is one of the few actors whose teary scenes feels very real. Today, he is one of the most sought after actors in South Korea with fans worldwide. His Instagram account of 18M followers just proves it.

We present to you a list of Park Seo Joon Korean dramas. If you are new to his dramas this list will help you decide which drama to watch next. If you are his seasoned fan, well you may want to check what to re-watch again!

All his dramas are so entertaining, that binge watching or re-watching them is just natural πŸ˜‰

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim :

This is a 2018 Korean drama based on a webtoon of the same name. It stars the beautiful Park Min young as Park Seo Joon’s leading lady. It is one of Netflix and TVN network’s biggest Kdrama hit till date.

Park Seo Joon plays the role of a young and very successful businessman, who has the looks and the brains. However, he is a narcissist and self absorbed. His world is shaken when Park Min young, his able secretary of 9 years decides to quit her job.

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He fails to understand why she would think of leaving her plush, well paying job. He soon realises that he is so used to her support, that loosing her is not an option. He proposes to her, hoping she will change her mind. She obvioulsy rejects him outrightly. Park Seo Joon then decides to woo her. This is where the fun begins.

It is fun to watch the otherwise workaholic and tough Park Seo Joon, trying to charm his secretary. It is an office romance with nosy co-workers. The way their romance develops and they try hard to keep it under wraps is entertaining. This Korean drama has a very lively support cast, who add to the fun. The script is extremely funny and will have you in splits.

The chemistry between the two leading Parks is simply fireworks on screen! The drama is shot in some of the best luxurious locations across Seoul. The fashion element is trendy, colorful and chic’ office wear. The plot takes a nice twist when Park Min young finds out that Park Seo Joon supposedly knows her, even before she worked for him.

This is the drama that rightfully took Park Seo Joon took to new heights of stardom.

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Fight for my way:

This is a 2017 Korean drama starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji won as the main pair. They are supported by another couple played by Ahn Jae hong ( of Reply 1988, Kingdom 2 fame) & Song Ha yoon.These four are childhood friends and call themselves Crazy Fantastic Four.

Park Seo Joon plays the role of a Taekwondo player, who loses his chance to make it big because of one incident. Kim Ji won is his childhood crush and best friend, who also dreams big but is unable to make it. This Kdrama showcasese the real middle class of Seoul and their struggles to achieve success.

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The script however has a good dose of comedy and romance and is not a heavy watch. The highlight of this drama is how Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji won move from friends to lovers. They are childish, cute and keep lingering between being just friends to making the first move.

The other couple too has its share of love issues. Their story is also equally interesting and cute. There are superb scenes between Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji won, that will make anyone laugh even today. The drama is well paced and you will not be bored even for an instant.

The drama has received so much love from audiences that today is being made into a webtoon!
Park Seo Joon showcases his acting ability ranging from an inconfident underdog, a clingy lover, a caring friend to a dauntless Taekwondo fighter. The fight scenes in the Taekwondo arena are a good watch too.

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Itaewon Class

This is a 2020 Netflix Korean drama based on the webtoon of the same name. The webtoon pages have garnered 300million views till date. Itaewon Class won the Best Drama Series at the 25th Asian Television Awards.

Park Seo Joon is pitted against the talented Yoo Jae myung, who plays the role of an ambitious restaurateur. The female leads are Kim Da mi and Kwon Nara. This is Park Seo joon’s first Korean series that falls more in the Drama genre and not a rom-com.

Park Seo Joon’s father works for Yoo Jae myung. Park Seo Joon stands against Yoo Jae myung’s son bullying at school. This one incident is just the start of a series of unfortunate situations for the protaganist.

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Park Seo Joon eventually loses his father and lands in a juvenile jail. His well planned life is suddenly in a disarray. The plot starts when he returns to seek vengeance against Yoo Jae myung.

He starts a small time restaurant of his own and slowly builds it up with the help of the young and smart Kim Da mi. Park Seo Joon, interestingly controls a majority stake of shares in Yoo Jae myung’s company! Park Seo Joon’s childhood friend and long time crush is Kwon Nara. She is a loyal employee of Yoo Jae myung!

The rise of Park Seo joon, and his small time restaurant is the main theme of the plot. There are a lot of twists before he succeds. The scenes between Park Seo joon and Yoo Jae myung are a delight to watch. His romance with Kim Dam mi is unconventional and very matured. Something,very different from Park Seo Joon’s usual rom-coms. The plot will sure get you glued on.

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She Was Pretty

This is a 2015 Korean drama series. Park seo joon has Hwang Jung eum, Go Joon hee as the leading ladies. Choi Si won plays the charming second male lead.

Park Seo Joon plays the role of a smart and dapper, editor of a Fashion magazine. His childhood friend and first love, Hwang Jung eum also works in the same office. Park Seo joon has memories of Hwang Jung eum, as a confident and pretty girl from childhood. She grows to be a bit clumsy. Park does not recognise her in office. Hwang Jung eum is also embarassed of her current look and does not reveal her true identity to him.

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Go Joon hee, is Hwang Jung eum’s best friend. She meets Park, in the place of Jung eum, thinking it’s a one time meet. She slowly starts liking Park for his affectionate character. Choi Si won is an office colleague of Jung eum, who likes her clumsiness and kind hearted nature.

Ironically, Choi Si won’s character is well etched and you will easily like him for his funny character, good looks and the way he takes care of Hwang Jung eum.

Park seo Joon’s charaterisation is a tough and unsocial. He is usually work oriented and does not mingle with people easily.Park Seo Joon’s acting is top class and before you realise, you will like him and even empathise with him for his sad past.

The screenplay is very well written, with lots of comedy & subtle romance. The story is well paced and not heavy at all. This is one of the best office rom-coms till date. The office gang is a fun and colorful team, adding comical support to the main cast. Interestingly, Shin Hye sun of Mr.Queen Kdrama fame is one of office team here.

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A Witch’s Love

This is a 2014 Korean drama series. Uhm Jung hwa plays the role of Park seo joon lady love. This is a classic Noona romance, where a younger hero falls in love with a older heroine.

Park Seo Joon loses his girlfriend, as she would have had fatal a health ailment. He stops pursuing his medical studies and switches to running a small errand agency with his best friend. This agency does any task from arranging parties, delevering goods etc. Uhm Jung hwa plays the successful older journalist. She gets stood up by her long time fiancee’ on her wedding altar and then stops believing in love.

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The two main leads end up working in the same office and develop a good friendship. Its not long before they like each other. Uhm Jung hwa does not pursue the relationship due to their 14 year age gap. Park Seo joon however does not see it as an issue and wants to move forward with her. The story starts when Uhm Jung hwa’s fiancee comes back for her. She is confused if she should go back to her old fiancee or follow her heart to younger wooer in Park.

The story is an easy romance, with a light plot. The chemistry between the leads is excellent! Uhm Jung hwa matches upto Park seo joon’s romancing skills. There are some very well shot steamy scenes that are not part of a usual rom-com.

If you like romedy or Noona romance gets you curious, then this one is for you!

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This is a 2016 historical Korean drama series. It has a huge star cast with Go A ra, Park Hyung sik, BTS β€œV” and Choi Minho.

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Park seo joon plays the role of a low born who rises to becomes a Hwarang warrior, a secret group of warriors who protect the endangered throne. The story is set in the historical era. The setting and costumes gives a different look to all the main leads, whom we otherwise see as Fashion icons. There is a lot of brotherhood bonding between Park Hyung sik, BTS β€œV” and Park Seo Joon. This team coincidentally has carried their friendship off screen too! Then there is a love triangle between Park Seo Joon, Go Ara and Park Hyun Sik. Then there are some very funny scenes between the male leads.

If you like historical drama, then this star studded drama is an ideal watch for you.

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