(197 awards including the recipient of the Oscar award for Best Picture of the year 2019)

Parasite Korean movie was released in 2019 and is of the dark comedy/drama genre. It is an internationally acclaimed Korean movie. Also the first Korean movie to ever win an Oscar in 4 categories, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best International Feature Film. It has won a  swoon worthy total of 197 awards across various film forums.

Parasite movie cast:

Parasite movie has an interesting cast of a mix of young and experienced artists. The cast has veterans Song Kang Ho and Cho Yeo-jeong. It is packed with the small screen favourites like Choi Woo-shik, Lee Sun-kyun (of Coffee Prince kdrama ,Park So-dam (of Record of Youth kdrama , Lee Jung-eun and Jang Hye-jin. Not to mention the special cameo by Park Seo-joon.

Movie Plot:

Parasite Korean movie highlights the disparity between the rich and the poor in Society. A poor family of four who don’t have job, get a chance to cheat and penetrate into the family of ultra-rich. How they freeload from this rich family and the following sequences is the theme of this mega block buster movie.

Parasite Korean Movie 1

Parasite Korean Movie Review:

The movie opens to the meagre living of the Kim family (headed by Song Kang Ho), who live in a small semi basement apartment. They make ends meet by doing odd jobs. You will not have to digest too much of this non glitzy part of Korea! For, you have Park Seo joon walking in as a fresh breeze into their home carrying a scholar’s rock that should bring in good luck. He also gives his best friend Choi Woo-shik(son of Song Kang Ho) an idea of how he can pose as a English tutor for a wealthy student as he is going abroad. Though, Choi Woo-shik hesitates initially, his poor family pushes him to give it a try.

Parasite Korean Movie 2

The script starts as soon as Choi Woo-shik enters the lavish home of the Park family headed by Lee Sun-kyun. You will find the homeowner, the beautiful Cho Yeo-jeong, both amusing and innocent as she desperately gives in to Choi Woo-shik’s English teaching abilities. Park So-dam plays the role of an art therapist and is cool as a con artist.

The plot picks full pace when the entire family barges their way into the Park family. The script is enthralling and not a moment of boredom. Just when you think, what could possibly be next – there is a huge mystery waiting in the basement of the beautiful mansion of the Park family.

Parasite Korean Movie 3

The script beautifully draws the parallels of society. There is a way the rich behave and a certain way the not so rich tend to interpret their circumstances. The screenplay also reflects on basic human tendency, where greed tends to supersede morality. Be prepared for a shocking climax, that will leave you with mixed feelings!

Parasite Korean Movie Oscar award

Usually, Critic Award winning movies tend to be too complicated to understand for the common man. Parasite Korean movie is truly a masterpiece directed by Bong Joon-ho. This Korean movie has every element of a commercial movie, but manages to convey the message, nevertheless.

This is one Oscar Award winning movie and should not be missed!

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Juskorea rating : 4.5/5