One night with a stranger changes Kim Soo Hyun’s life into an unimaginable nightmare!

One Ordinary Day is a 2021 Korean drama, based on the hit BBC TV series Criminal Justice, that was aired way back in 2008. It stars the Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung-won as the main leads. Criminal Justice TV series also been remade as an American and Indian TV series. This Korean adaptation direction has been by veteran Lee Myung-woo. Also his previous Korean drama hits include Backstreet Rookie and The Fiery priest.

This is Kim Soo Hyun subsequent Kdrama after his previous megahit Netflix Korean drama 2020, “It’s okay to not be okay”. Fans have been eagerly awaiting Kim Soo Hyun’s return to the small screen. And we tell you it was well worth the wait! Here’s why:

5 reasons to start watching One Ordinary Day Korean drama

1.One Ordinary Day Korean drama is a miniseries with 8 episodes. The plot starts in the first episode itself with no time wasted. Almost every minute detail in the screenplay, has connection to the main plot.

2.One Ordinary Day Korean drama plot has Kim Soo Hyun has accusation of murder after having a one-night stand with a woman he has never met before. The couple get highly intoxicated with drugs, and he wakes up with no clear memory of what happened that night.

You cannot ignore Kim Soo Hyun’s acting. His nervousness, fear, confusion that leads him to fleeing the crime scene makes it a class watch. Also you will believe him to have real asthmatic problems, as his character suffers in this Korean drama.

One Ordinary Day Cast
One Ordinary Day Cast

3.Cha Seung-won, as his lawyer is almost perfect. He is shabby and unkept but knows the loopholes of the legal system well. Also, his skills lie in finding a way, around the law.

4.The script and the dialogues are enjoyable. Some of the advice that Cha Seung-won, conveys to Kim Soo Hyun, while preparing him for this bail request is thought provoking. This Korean drama attempts to show you the other side, perhaps the not so righteous side of the legal system of South Korea. If you like legal drama, this will get you glued on.

Kim Soo hyun - Cha Seung-won - One ordinary day
Kim Soo hyun – Cha Seung-won – One ordinary day

5.The first episodes seem to be a decent remake of the original BBC series. The episodes has ratings with age restriction 18 plus. Because of some steamy intimate scenes and the gruesome murder scene.

Now, the original series has some raw scenes once the protagonist goes to prison. But still going by the first two episodes, we are guessing and hoping those scenes would be mellowed down in this Korean adaptation. Also, there were adequate mentions of how handsome Kim Soo Hyun is in these first 2 episodes, typical of a Korean drama. So, we guess it will be safe to presume that viewers will not be shown too much of brutality in the coming episodes.

One Ordinary Day premiere
One Ordinary Day premiere

Kim Soo Hyun said in an interview, that he is a fan of the original BBC series and also the American adaptation of this series and cannot wait to add his charm to this Korean adaptation.

There are 2 episodes airing each week of this drama currently. You can also check out the psychological drama thriller, The World of the Married Korean drama, that was also an adaptation from a BBC series, Doctor Foster. (Click here for the full review of The World of the Married Kdrama.

Currently, One Ordinary Korean drama is streaming on Viu OTT, outside South Korea and Coupang Play in South Korea.