A bold story of modern-day love, physical attraction, and flirtations!

Nevertheless Kdrama is the most talked about Korean drama of Netflix 2021 on social media. The cast has the ridiculously handsome Song Kang and the very pretty Han So-hee. The drama is about 20-year-olds of today and how they perceive love, attraction, and commitment. Chae Jong-hyeop plays the second lead. It is based on a webtoon of the same name, penned by JeongSeo.

What is the drama Nevertheless about?

Han so-hee plays the role of Yoo Na-bi; an sculptor student in an Arts University. She is a romantic at heart, who likes to date and being in a relationship. She finds out that her older, dominating boyfriend is cheating her. The day she dumps him, she accidentally meets Park Jae-eon, played by Song Kang. She falls for his good looks and flirtatious nature.

She later finds out that Park Jae-eon, is her junior in the same University who is known to be a playboy and usually plays it hard to get. He does not believe in commitment. Park Jae-eon does not hide his interest in  Na-bi. He is equally quick to convey his attraction to her!

Yoo Na-bi plays along and they soon become partners with benefits! Things go well till Na-bi starts liking Park Jae-eon and realises she is in for another heart break. Coincidentally, she happens to meet her old flame and childhood friend Yang Do-hyeok, played by Chae Jong-hyeop. She likes the upcoming chef, Do-hyeok, for his caring nature and Do-hyeok likes her too much and proposes to her. Will Na-bi settle for the safer Do-hyeok and ignore Park Jae-eon, who gets her excited, is the theme of this 10-episode romantic Korean drama.

Nevertheless Kdrama propose scene

Nevertheless Kdrama : Drama review

Nevertheless Korean drama is a bold Korean drama, that portrays how 19-20 year old youth actually handle sexual attraction and affection. The opening episode itself had the “romantic at heart” viewers glued on! The characterisation is real and as a viewer, you will completely agree when the usually shy Na-bi does not deny herself the guilty pleasure of Park Jae-eon’s attention. She craves for him and gives in, at a point. The chemistry is perfect! These are young people who are physically attracted to each other…period! The first 6 episodes are racy, and you will be entwined in the Na-bi and Park Jae-eon’s adorable “friends with benefits” turned into “affection/like each other” love story.

Han so-hee portrays the role of a typical soft hearted romantic well. This is another bold role for her after, “The world of the married” Korean drama. You feel sorry for her when her sculpture at school reflects the confusion in her love life! She shares a unique chemistry with the school heart-throb Park Jae-eon but is scared to share it with any of her friends. She likes him, but cannot talk about it to anyone, due to his “playboy” reputation, making her suffer alone!

Nevertheless Kdrama confusion scene

It is a very different role for Song Kang in Nevertheless, as the flirtatious Park Jae-eon. Song Kang’s role is more of an antihero! Song Kang is tempting with his body language, casual touching, and infectious smile. He knows he can control any woman falling for his charms! He is not good at communicating his emotions and hates to admit that he likes Na-bi and needs her more than a fling!

Nevertheless Kdrama – Youtube Trailer

Chae Jong-hyeop is the latest on the “second lead syndrome” list! He is likeable as the decent and innocent Do-hyeok, who walks into Na-bi’s life when she is completely losing her mind over Park Jae-eon. There is the confusion set on whom should Na-bi choose in the last 4 episodes. As a viewer, you will be wondering and even frustrated on whom should Na-bi choose.

Nevertheless Kdrama ladies scene

Then there are mini love stories that revolve around Na-bi’s friends at the university, that keep the viewers engaged. Especially, the LGBT story between two pretty ladies Yoon Sol (played by Lee Ho-jung) and Seo Ji-wan (played by Yoon Seo-a). These ladies are childhood friends, who want more from each other, when they reach their youth. The way they communicate their liking for each other without saying it loud or any bold gestures is totally laudable!

What did the Script miss?

The script is not a total adaptation from the original webtoon. Their characterization of the three main leads and drama scenes are different. Nevertheless Korean drama missed giving the viewers a background on why Park Jae-eon, is averse to having a serious relationship or finds it tough to communicate his true feelings. The last episode feels a bit rushed, but the director has safely concluded the drama, like a typical Korean drama ending. Every character finds closure in a pleasant way! It is a controversy free happy ending!

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Passion Quotient :5/5

Should you watch Neverthess Kdrama ?

Nevertheless Kdrama is not just another Korean drama! It is a good effort at breaking the the cliché of a usual Korean drama. Kudos! to talented woman director Kim Ga Ram, (also known for her 2019 hit Korean drama Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency) for showing the characters in a “real way”. Some of the episodes are rated 19 age plus and director rightly put it, that the rating is a reflection of how 19-year-olds behave in real life! You can feel the woman’s touch as the kissing and intimate scenes are shot beautifully! She sure knows how to get two beautiful people – Song Kang and Han so-hee to set the screen on fire!

Nevertheless Kdrama directors

While this Korean drama did not enjoy a good viewership back in Seoul, it is a huge Netflix hit. Forums on social media have been busy buzzing about the plot and the main cast since the start of the telecast on Netflix. JTBC network cleverly shared all the BTS (between the sets) scenes after each episode on their Instagram and YouTube channels, which only increased the curiosity of the viewers! Song Kang and Han So-hee have sure added their international fan base.It is a delight to watch young stars, take up unusual roles and dare to showcase impeccable chemistry on screen! Something that is still a bit of a taboo for a Korean drama. We loved it and their next Kdrama project is already on our watchlist!

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Nevertheless Kdrama OST  has a mix of hummable songs that has a mix of English and Korean lyrics. “We’re already” , “Butterfly” and “Love, this” will keep you tapping your feet!

Juskorea rating : 4/5

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