Mad for Each other is a 2021 Netflix Korean drama. It stars Jung Woo Of Reply 1994 Kdrama fame and Oh Yeon-seo of A Korean Odyssey, Korean drama fame. Both the protagonists, have had bad experiences in the past. These experiences have led them to abnormal behavior.

Jung Woo plays the role of a cop who is on detention. His mission at work would have gone wrong and he would have no evidence to prove his innocence. He has issues controlling his anger.

Oh Yeon-seo boyfriend cheats her . His wife later humiliates her in public. This demeaning experience,leads her to doubt everyone and everything. She suffers from anxiety pangs.

These two protagonists keep running into each other and usually have unpleasant experiences. They almost hate each other. The twist in the plot is that these two protagonists are next door neighbours in the same apartment!

Mad for each other Korean drama review :

This Kdrama series is in a 30 minute TV sitcom format, more like American TV sitcom series. The series opens to two protagonists’, in their so not best form. They are at a low in their lives, with anxiety and anger.

The screenplay is loud and extreme. The first two episodes are more of slapstick comedy and even a bit of a bathroom situation, making it a bit gross! Usually in a Korean drama format, the story is well introduced in the first 1-2 episodes. Here, it focuses on anger issues and anxiety drama. When the 30 minute of an episode ends, the drama stops abruptly.

When you are finally introduced to the story behind the protagonists’ behaviour, the plot gives you little chance to understand or empathise their situation!

Unfortunately, Oh Yeon-seo‘s character is so confusingly etched that she acts part normal and most part crazy! We are not meaning funny crazy, but actually crazy.

Jung Woo‘s character is a bit better. He is shown as someone trying to make amends in his life and situation but is victimised by Oh Yeon-seo each time.

The setting of this Korean drama is also dull. The apartment of these two leads is totally bland. Their attire is completely casual, which kind of justifies their character. But as a viewer, you do not have much to look out for!

Mad for each other Korean drama has a good cast in Jung Woo & Oh Yeon-seo. They have give in their best for their roles.

The plot attempts to make two people fall in love, who otherwise hate each other. The first 5 episodes of this drama, is average; full of chaos and slapstick comedy. Sadly, the script falls flat and there is nothing much to recommend this Kdrama! You may want to skip this one.

Mad for each other Korean drama is available on Netflix

Image courtesy : Netflix/The Swoon ( Instagram)