Seoul city; six different people, three love stories- but what is their take on love

What if we told you you can take a small bite of Korean drama, one at a time! Sounds interesting ? Then you are at the right place. Lovestruck in the city Korean drama is in short drama format. It is one of its kind (format wise) Korean drama series in Netflix.

Lovestruck in the City korean drama has six main characters, who live in Seoul. The series starts off with each of these six characters being interviewed on their love life and their take on dating. This romantic Korean drama 2020 is in an interview format. These six characters will be able to listen to the other characters during the interview, but the identities are kept secret to each other.

The main cast includes Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won. The other four cast includes Kim Min seok, Han Ji eun, Ryu Kyung soo and So Joo yeon ( from Dr. Romantic and A love so beautiful fame . While Choi Min ho is not part of these regular six main characters being interviewed, he plays a support role. Interestingly, this was planned to be a 16 episode drama but later on the 17th last episode was created to include his love story.

The main plot revolves around Ji Chang Wook, who plays the role of an architect Park Jae-won. He is a total hopeless romantic at heart. He meets the free spirited Yoon Seon-a, played Kim Ji Won on a beach holiday. They bond over surfing and fall in love and take it all the way.

Park Jae-won has to urgently return to Seoul and Yoon Seon-a promises to meet him there. But on the promised day, Yoon Seon-a leaves Park Jae-won a phone message saying she has his priced cameras with her.

Why Yoon Seon-a leaves Park Jae-won is the main plot of this 17 episode Korean drama series.

What we liked in this Korean Drama series ?

1. The Format is engaging. Each episode is a quick 30 minute watch. It almost feels like watching an English sitcom. Viewers new to Korean drama will definitely find this appealing.

2. You will love the initial episodes where Park Jae-won and Yoon Seon-a meet and fall in love. The setting is picture pefect- lovely beaches, carefree surfing and a caravan complete the view! Their chemistry is simply’ “blistering”! Ji Chang Wook pours himself out completely into the hopeless romantic character, making it a viewers treat!

3. Spoiler alert – things take a quick turn in this love story. A lot of mature topics involving relationships are covered in the episodes.
Like the episode titled, “What if You Run Into Your Ex?” discusses about how each will react when they run into their ex GF or BF. Their reactions are varied – one suggests being cordial, another confirms he would have a drink together for old times sake, another character is sure of insulting their Ex to his/her current beau!
While we love a list of Korean dramas for their gradual pace at which the romance progresses, this fast paced Kdrama is both surprising and refreshing.

4. Spoiler alert -The interesting unfolding of the plot where all these six characters are in fact linked to each other. They just do not know that; when they are doing the interview! Park Jae-won takes the lead in voicing out his disappointment ( in the interview) that his girlfriend Yoon Seon-a left him without a proper closure. The remaining interviewees are linked to these two protagonists and share their opinion. Yoon Seon-a is also one of the interviewee! Her contrasting reaction to this situation will keep you involved in their conversations!

5. It is every bit a rom-com! Some of the events are so silly and funny, it will have you smiling every bit. Especially, the episode which what these characters do once they are completely wasted.

6. The characters are unique. Their take on romance is very modern and resonates well with today’s generation. The diverse characters in Yoon Seon-a, as someone who does not want to take responsibility or feel guilty for her action because she is in a certain phase in her life.

Her childhood friend So Joo yeon who plays the role of Suh Rin-yi, who chooses to work part time only. Rin-yi is carefree but hates to get tied to one job or place. Her boyfriend is Kim Min seok, who plays the role Choi Kyung-joon, fellow architect and cousin of Park Jae-won. He is committed to his childhood sweetheart Rin-yi and is a long term relationship with her. Then, there is Ryu Kyung soo playing the role of author Kang Geon, who chooses to stay single after his break up with Han Ji eun, who plays role of gym teacher Oh Sun-young. Kang Geon is soft and his love story with the agressive Oh Sun-young is amusing, yet very real. Her reason to break up with him, will have you empathising with her!

7. The final episode which covers Choi Min ho’s lovestory is sweet. Kyung-joon and Rin-yi will give you, “couple goals”! The open ended status of relationship of the other four characters keeps you wondering if they will be together in the future.

• Park Jae-won’s search for Yoon Seon-a is relateable and you will sympathise with him as someone who is desperate for a proper closure. But the script drags here and their, “Cat and Mouse” chase slows down the whole plot.

• Yoon Seon-a’s characterisation is vulnerable, but her justification for dumping Park Jae-won feels vague.

• Park Jae-won finally finds Yoon Seon-a, but his reaction post the discovery is unrealistically kind and gentle. As a viewer, you feel as though a very realistic drama has suddenly gone off track!

Should you watch it ?

We definitely recommend this to be on your Korean drama to watch list. It is modern and fast with good humor. But more importantly, it is bold! It is a good attempt at creating a Korean sitcom!

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