When we hear naturally radiant, well-toned, flawless and spotless skin, we automatically resonate it with South Korean skin care routine. South Korean skin care routine has gained popularity in recent times. The western world envies such beauty but finally their secret has now been revealed! Our beautiful Korean sisters have a 10-step skin care regimen that makes us think that their skin is immune to imperfections.

A 10-step regime every single day? I know it is not exactly motivating! But believe me it’s with the struggle. And once you are through with this blog you will realize it’s not that difficult to stick to it afterall as the result will surely keep you motivated. So let’s go through this magical 10 step skincare routine step by step.
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But remember! Always conduct a patch-test before you try a new skincare product. If you have sensitive skin, apply the product at the back of your hand and wait for 24 hours to see if there are any side effects, redness, rashes etc.

So here are the 10 steps we will be talking about, each step in this list is like a part of a spell the Koreans use for their flawless pretty skin.
• Oil cleanser
• Foam/cream cleanser
• Toner
• Essence
• Emulsion
• Ampoule/Serum
• Sheet Mask
• Eye Cream
• Moisturizer
• Sunscreen


The first step in the full Korean skincare regimen – using oil cleansers, are the best way to purify the skin and get rid of pollutants from the pores. It has proved to be better than the water based cleansers. It can break down oil-based debris like pollution and sebum. Plus, they give nourishment, hydration and are deeply relaxing, leaving your skin a healthy touch and texture. This is done morning and night with a deep massage.


The oil cleanser does the basic removal of dirt but is not much effective for sweat and dirt, so a foam cleanser is used as the secondary cleanser. Massage for a few minutes to prepare the skin for the other products that you will be applying. This is great for draining lymphatic glands which are responsible for the puffiness on your face. It is also important to check if the cleanser you’re using is a low pH product!

3. Toner

In Korea toners are actually a thin layer of moisture which regulate your pH and soften your skin, for the upcoming steps. Your toner should constitute botanical ingredients and its best if they are applied with a cotton ball or pad.

4. Essence

An essence wets the skin and allows you to get the most out of your serums. It is thin and watery. Take little of the essence product and apply it over your face and neck.

5. Emulsion

This is another hydrating product which will contribute to that glass skin effect.

The emulsion layer is more viscous and builds the richness, these products contain botanical extracts and other power-packed ingredients. Again, take little of the product and apply over face and neck.

6. Serum

Serums are the best way to moisturize the skin in the best way possible as they are highly concentrated products. You can replace serums with Ampoules too in your skincare routine. Ampoules also are much similar to serums; just a souped-up version of them.

7. Sheet Masks

After a long day burning under the sun, it’s those sheet masks our skin is begging us for. These usually take 15-20 minutes and can be done any time of the day or the night. They are easily available and cost very low too. This has become a very common practice in the west too. You probably have tried sheet masks yourself too as they are super easy to apply and have no messes involved!

8. Eye Cream

We deeply ignore the significance of an eye cream. But Koreans are far sighted, why wait for those fine lines and worry about them later, better to take preventative measures now. An eye cream is designed to moisturize the ultra-thin skin around your eyes. The skin around the eyes really is very sensitive so it dries out easily, it needs more care. Just apply it using the ring finger and don’t forget that this area does not need to be pressurized on, it’s sensitive!

9. Moisturizer

Using moisturizer is one of the simplest and critical products to be used.This cannot be skipped and is a key part of the Korean Skincare routine. Korean moisturizers come in a wide variety of textures and density. So people with oily skins may find their ideal moisturizer too. This step just seals all the steps that you are done with.

10. Sunscreen (SPF)

Will you be out in the sun ? Then use a Sunscreen without fail. Also remember to reapply it after every 2 or 3 hours when you are outdoors. It protects you from damages of the both UVA and UVB rays , so it is essential!

The above 10 steps may sound a bit overwhelming, but once these steps are part of your daily regime, it is not so tough to practise. Plus, I am sure we do not mind a little bit extra effort as long as it guarantees a lot of accolades for good skin!

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