One simple step to glowing skin, plus all the details of Face Mask Sheets

Face Mask Sheets are easily one of the most “go-to” skincare products in recent years! They have gained massive popularity globally for a good reason! Face Mask sheets are thin sheets of paper soaked in serum or moisturizer and skin beneficial natural extracts. Face Mask Sheets are best known to provide instant skin hydration are dermatologically safe to use.

South Koreans are known for their glowing skin. They are, in fact the creators of Face Mask Sheet. If you were in Seoul, you will find hundreds of variants of these Face Mask sheets available. Traveller bloggers reveal that you will be spoilt for choice and will not be able to choose just one!

Korean Face Mask Sheet

Our favourite Korean celebrities and KPOP stars swear by the benefits of using Korean Face Mask sheets. They not only endorse this face product, but actually include it in their skin care regime.

How to use Face Mask Sheet ?

The main benefit of using a Face sheet mask is instant hydration boost to your face. It is very easy to use. After cleansing your face with a face wash, dab your usual toner. Remove the Face Mask Sheet from the pack, put on the mask on your face. Adjust to smoothen the sheet around your eyes, nose and chin. Leave it on 15-20 mins, while you relax watching TV or listening to music. Then remove the sheet. You will feel sticky. This is from the left over serum from the face mask sheet. Gently tap this on your face and neck area. The other side of the Face sheet mask can be used on your feet and hands.

Face Mask Use steps

How often to use Face Mask Sheet ?

Face sheet mask can be used 1-2 times a week. That way it works great on the skin and is easy on the pocket! If your skin is stressed or you have an upcoming special event, you can also use it daily. You will feel the result of regular use – as in improvement of your skin texture. Further, the hydration boost, will add glow to your skin.

Which is the best Face Mask Sheet ?

There a lot of Face Mask Sheets now available in the market. We would recommend Korean brand Face Mask Sheet, as they are usually free of Parabens and are infused with natural extracts and ingredients. Our favourite Korean brands include – The Faceshop, Tony Moly , Innisfree and Mirabelle. This is based on actual use of products from these brands.

You can easily choose Face Mask Sheets,as per your requirement. These Face Mask Sheets detail the benefits on the cover itself.
Korean Face Mask Sheets are usually made of natural ingredients like Berries/Rice/Wine/Lemon/Olive. Alternately, they are infused with nutrients like Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid that are targeted at specific skin needs.

What is the price of Face Mask Sheet ?

A Korean Face Mask sheet will cost around 1USD – 2 USD. It is around 100 INR to 150INR. The best bargain to buy these Face Mask sheets is to buy them and in Bulk quantity.
Most of these Korean brands also have their own websites,where they offer good discount or freebies. Even general Online beauty websites, including Amazon usually come up with good deals like, “Buy 1 get 1 free”. Face Mask sheets can be stored in the fridge and have an expiry of 2 years. So you can buy it in bulk quantity and conveniently stock it at home.

Ready to shine Gloss

Where to buy Face Mask Sheet Online?

You can check for the branded website based on your country. The FaceShop/ TonyMoly brands have their own websites. They offer good discounts and reward points on their sites.
All these brands are available on Amazon and on leading Beauty & Cosmetics e-commerce websites.

These are our Top 5 Korean Face Mask Sheet recommendations :

1. Best face sheet mask for glowing skin

The Face Shop Real Nature Rice Face Mask is made of rice extracts and serum. It brightens and softens rough darkened skin.

Face Mask With Rice Extract

Buy from Faceshop

2) Best face sheet mask for dry skin :

The Face Shop Tonymoly Pureness Shea Butter Mask Sheet is made of Shea butter essence and serum. It helps deep moisturizing the skin.

Korean shea Butter Mask Sheet

Buy from Amazon

3. Best face sheet mask for oily skin :

TONYMOLY I’M Aloe Mask Sheet is of the goodness of Aloe extracts that is known to cure skin irritation which causes due to excess oil. It also provides good hydration.

TonyMoly Aloe Mask Sheet

Buy from Amazon

4) Best face sheet mask for Intense moisturization:

Mirabelle Wine Facial Sheet Mask EX has Red wine extracts in addition to other natural fruit extracts. This help provides intense moisturization to the skin.

MiraBelle Fairness Facial Mask

Buy from Amazon

5) Best face sheet mask for Skin elasticity and firmess:

Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask – Hyaluronic Acid has benefits of the Hyaluronic Acid that is know to make skin look younger and supple.

Innisfree Skin clinic Mask

Buy from Amazon

Look no further and give your skin that much-deserved extra care! Remember, glowing skin is just a Face Mask sheet away!

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