“Music is the remedy”! Don’t you agree? It’s the best mood booster. Play happy music when you feel low and you will feel better. Play happy music when you are feeling good and the feeling just gets better!

Korean Drama Series

Korean drama OST (original sound track) is craftly and played at the background, it enhances the scene effect. As a regular viewer I can vouch it works… every single time! Korean drama OST songs are now gaining attention thanks to Korean drama being accessible to international audience on OTT platforms like Netflix and VIU

I am sure we all have heard of BTS V singing Sweet Night for Itaewon Class Korean drama. Not only are the Korean dramas now on a big budget, their OST songs also have some popular and heavy musicians rendering their voices for the same. Also, songs now have a good mix of Korean and English lyrics; so, language is literally no barrier to enjoy these songs!

Here is a list of 10 “happy songs” from Korean drama OST, which will guarantee pep up your mood and drive your blues away!

1) Future – Red Velvet ( Korean drama Start up )

This song is by Red Velvet from the Korean drama, Start Up. The video has the beautiful Bae Suzy and the handsome Nam Joo hyuk from the best frames of the drama. The song picks a fast melody pace and remains the same throughout the song.

2) Go – Seungkwan (Korean drama- Record of Youth)

This is from the Korean drama Record of Youth. The vocal is rendered by the lead vocalist, Seungkwan from the popular KPOP group Seventeen. While the video gives a quick glimpse of the drama Record of Youth, you will love the various modulations of Seungkwan’s voice.

3) Dreams-Leebada (Korean drama – Was it love)

This is the theme song from the Korean drama Was it love. It is sung by Leebada; R&B singer-songwriter and composer. The song maintains a tempo with soothing melody throughout and totally syncs with the main protagonist’s “never give up” attitude.

4) Puzzle-Yongzoo (Korean drama – Its Okay to not be okay)

Anyone who watched the hit Korean drama series Its Okay to not be okay knows, it is loaded with good songs. The music is across genres. Yongzoo has sung this song. He is a KPOP and R&B singer and song writer. This song aptly reflects the feeling of relief and victory as the protagonist Kim Soo hyun’s character breaks free from his duties in the drama. It has a peppy melody and superb voice modulations.

5) Start Over-Gaho-(Korean drama – Itaewon Class)

This korean drama ost is the theme song that was used right from the start for the series promotion of the Kdrama – Itaewon class. The song and the video are a perfect match- one look at the video and you know it’s a drama genre series. The song’s tempo is maintained as a fast tempo throughout the song. Singer Gaho (singer, songwriter and producer and awardee of the 4th Soribada Best K-Music Awards) rendered vocals.

6) Wanna Be – Gfriend –(Korean drama -Whats wrong with Secretary Kim)

This is one of the main songs from the biggest Korean drama rom-com of 2018 – What’s wrong with Secretary Kim. It is sung by the girl band Gfriend.

The video is as funny as the series. You will enjoy the visuals as much as the audio!

7) Ambiguous – BTOB – (Korean drama -Fight for my way)

This song best describes the theme of this kdrama of protagonists moving on from friends into a couple. BTOB Korean boy band sung this song.
( Sungjae Yook is a member of this band)

The song has a pleasant tune and maintains a happy tempo throughout. The video is a glimpse of the adorable scenes of the drama.

8) From now on – Kim Min Seung (Korean drama – Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo)

This song is sung by singer and song writer Kim Min Seung (https://kindie.fandom.com/wiki/Vincent_Blue) for the Korean drama Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo. The song varies between slow and fast pace, along with the voice modulations. The video is just as cute as the drama itself

9) Beautiful Lady – Kim Min Seung (Korean drama – Oh my Venus)

This song is sung by the late singer and song writer Kim Min Seung (https://kindie.fandom.com/wiki/Vincent_Blue) for the Korean drama Oh My Venus . The song starts on a fast note and maintains the same tempo throughout. The video gives a glimpse of this romcom series.

10) Say it – K Will – (Korean drama – Descendants of the sun)

This song is from the megahit drama Descendants of the Sun. It was sung by the award-winning singer K. Will. The song has a very lively tune and is maintained throughout the song. The video will keep you glued on and has stunning visuals from Greece.

Hope this quick fix helps you kick out the blues and tap your feet away! Drop in a “choahaeyo” (like in Korean language) in the comments section if you enjoyed this playlist.

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