A list of 5 appliances that have been part of hit Korean dramas

We adore Korean drama for a lot of reasons- the storyline, the cinematography, the pretty “Unnis” and the handsome “oppas” and the lovely OST. KDramas also showcase how they live day in and day out as part of the screenplay. Also, as part of the product placements, there are a variety of products we notice in these dramas and end up being completely in awe with them! It also gets us curious about these products. How about being able to actually use these products firsthand.

We give you 5 products inspired by Korean dramas that is worth trying to use, at least once:

1. Talking Cooker

We all have seen the Talking cooker in the megahit Korean drama, “ Crash landing on you” talking Cooker. It would be fun to have a cooker that reminds you when the rice is ready!

Crash Landing on You : Speaking Rice Cooker

The Cuckoo multi functional pressure cooker with in-built cooking options has a Korean voice guide. It comes in an all black compact black color packaging. It claims to cook up to 40% faster than the usual electric cookers. Apart from pre-set cooking options, it has an automatic cleaning program.

Korean talking rice cooker
Korean Talking Rice Cooker

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Geek Automatic Robocook

But, if you are looking for a reasonably priced option, with all the features minus the voice         guide, then you have a good option in the Geek Automatic Robocook. It also has pre-set       cooking menus, with keep warm and easy cleaning options.

Crash Landing on you-Kdrama- Rice cooker
Crash Landing on you-Kdrama- Rice cooker

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Automatic Beauty Facial Massager

The second product that got women excited from Crash landing on you Kdrama is the Automatic Beauty Facial Massager including vibration that Son Ye Jin used. Incidentally, it is from a brand, that she endorses.

Son ye jin Beauty facial massager
Son ye jin Beauty facial massager

Vanav Beauty Facial Massager

The Vanav Beauty Facial Massager device has galvanic ion vibration system that helps in deep cleansing and has face firming abilities. You can connect the device to your favourite music as you unwind.

Crash Landing on you Kdrama- face massager
Crash Landing on you Kdrama- face massager

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Ice Roller Skin Cool Massager

The second alternative to this is the Ice Roller Skin Cool Massager. It helps detox the face, makes the skin firm and improves skin tone. You only have to cool it in the fridge before using it.

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True Beauty Korean Drama – Facial Cleanser

We all loved the webtoon based hit school Korean drama, True Beauty that showcased an assortment of beauty products, in sync with the theme of the drama. One of the beauty products that is extremely basic but always useful is the automatic face cleanser machine.

True Beauty Korean drama - Facial cleanser
True Beauty Korean Drama – Facial Cleanser

Miniso Facial Cleansing Brush

The Miniso Facial Cleansing Brush is a good replica of what we saw in the Korean drama. It is battery operated and cleans the face thoroughly. The exfoliation helps in absorbing every subsequent skin care product better – toner, moisturiser, serum. It also helps in the removal of blackheads and whiteheads.

True Beauty Kdrama - facial cleanser
True Beauty Kdrama – Facial Cleanser

Facial Cleansing Brush – Olay Regenerist

The other alternative is the Facial Cleansing Brush by Olay Regenerist, that comes with two brush heads that helps in daily cleansing and deep exfoliation. It comes with an convenient handle to hold and use. Daily gentle yet effective exfoliating helps in keeping sebum and dirt away leaving behind a clear skin.

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Automatic Robot Vaccum Cleaner

Viewers who have watched the Korean drama, “While you were sleeping” enjoyed the character development of the main leads through the various legal cases and investigations. One of the stories had a robotic vaccum cleaner as the key elements in the episode storyline. While way back in 2017, when this drama was on, it might have seemed almost impossible to acquire one easily, it is not the case today.

While you were sleeping Kdrama - automatic robot vaccum cleaner
While you were Sleeping Kdrama – Automatic Robot Vaccum Cleaner

Harkins Robotic Vaccum Cleaner :

The first option is the Harkins Robotic Vaccum cleaner. Its very reasonably priced for the features it offers. It is a great option for almost all kind of floors – wooden/ tiled or carpeted floors. It comes with a Gyro navigation technology, this robot plans a route to clean your house on its own.

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Korean drama - automatic robot vaccum cleaner
Korean Drama – Automatic Robot Vaccum Cleaner

NOISZ ILIFE S5 Pro Robot Vacuum

The second option is the NOISZ ILIFE S5 Pro Robot Vacuum, which is again priced neat and makes less noise while cleaning. It has in-built capacity of blocking restricted areas where mopping need not be done.

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She would never know Kdrama- Nail Printing machine

The last item is the very fancy Nail art stamper machine that we saw in the romantic Kdrama She would never know. Ladies who love their nails and keep it trendy, will totally love this machine.

She would never know -Kdrama- Nail Printing machine
She would never know Kdrama – Nail Printing machine

Salmue Nail Art Printer

The first option is the Salmue Nail Art Printer. It is simple machine with 6 pattern palette options. You only have to color your nails with the base color, and then choose the pattern you would like to stamp on it. It is a portable machine and can be carried anywhere too.

Korean Nail art sticker
Korean Nail Art Sticker

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Finger nail stickers

The second option is even more simpler – Finger nail stickers. Easy to stick them on and remove it when you want to change. They come in a variety of designs that are uber cool and funky.

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These some of the items we found impressive and user friendly and affordable. Do try any of these items and let us know in the comments section how you liked them. If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them too! You can now take your Korean drama fandom to a new level at a whimsy! Like what you read, then do not forget to share with your friends.