A Quick list of 5 must see Korean drama and movies

It is unlikely that anyone new or old to the world of Korean drama would not have heard of the megahit Korean drama– The Guardian: The Lonely and Great God kdrama. This is one of the biggest hits of the last decade that had Kim Go Eun as the leading lady. Now that we have your attention let us talk more about this talented actress and her work that you should not miss.

Kim Go Eun is one of the few Korean actresses, who has been choosy in her roles and has treated viewers to a wide range of acting skills. We give a list of 5 Kdrama and Korean movies that you should not miss. Ironically, they are all romance themed Korean dramas/movies, but her character is contrastingly different in each of these Kdramas! You should find most of these Korean dramas on Netflix or Viki TV.

Guardian Kdrama
Guardian Kdrama

1.The Guardian: The Lonely and Great God Kdrama:

This was Kim Go Eun’s second Kdrama, as the leading lady. She plays the role of a young high school girl, who can see ghosts and is destined to be the Goblin’s bride (Goblin in Korean means Dokkaebi – a form of deity with extraordinary magical powers they can use while interacting with humans). She was paired with the Halluyu megastar Gong Yoo .

This 2016 Koreandrama was a huge hit and so was their chemistry! Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo love story is a gradual romance, where he initially finds it tough to accept her affection due to their age difference. He is after all a few centuries old, and she is around 20! The plot is a fantasy dramatic romance, that kept viewers glued to their seats. But Kim’s success was that she could pull off as Gong Yoo’s on screen lover! It is not easy to match up to his acting skills! This is a must watch if you want to call yourself a Kdrama fan 😉

Cheese in the Trap - Kim Go Eun- Park Hye Jin
Cheese in the Trap – Kim Go Eun- Park Hye Jin

2. Cheese in the Trap Korean drama :

Kim Go Eun started off her small screen career with this unusual 2016 Korean drama, based on a hit webtoon of the same title. She plays the role of a poor student, who catches the attention of the college heartthrob, played by Park Hye jin. This Kdrama is very interesting because Kim Go Eun finds herself in the middle of unplanned and unpleasant situations and somehow Park Hye jin seems to be the reason for the same! While both are from opposite worlds, she tries her best to be a good girlfriend.

Park Hye jin supposedly hides his true personality in this Korean drama. Kim is not the typical Korean beauty, but someone who looks very real! You cannot forget her long Orange colored hair in this Kdrama. Her chemistry with Park Hye jin is cute and unique! She supports him knowing he suffers from communicating his anger directly at others. You should watch this Kdrama for its unusual story line and chemistry between the two leads.

Yumi's Cell Korean drama
Yumi’s Cell Korean drama

3. Yumi’s Cells Korean drama:

This is a 2021 Kdrama based on the hit webtoon of the same title. The casting was refreshingly different, with Ahn Bo-hyun as the main lead (this is Ahn Bo-hyun’s first Kdrama as the mail lead) for Kim Go Eun. Kim Go Eun plays the role of an ordinary officer goer, who is out of love when her former boyfriend dumps her. The story is expressed psychologically through the various cells inside Kim’s body.

Viewers will enjoy the way the various cells behave during a situation- like Hunger cells wake up, right when Kim is trying to make a move at newfound crush at work and so on. Kim Go Eun struggles to express herself usually, but things change when she meets Ahn Bo-hyun. He is not her ideal type, but she falls for him eventually. This love story is perhaps most forward of all her work on TV. You will enjoy the natural steamy chemistry between the two leads. After the success of season 1, Yumi’s Cells Kdrama is now renewed for a second season.

The King Eternal monarch Kdrama
The King Eternal monarch Kdrama

4. The King: Eterna Monarch Kdrama:

This was one of the most highly anticipated Kdramas of 2021 as it was Lee Min-ho’s comeback drama post his return from his mandatory military service. It was also the second time Kim Go Eun was working with the hit screenplay writer, Kim Eun-sook. Previously she had worked with her on Guardian Kdrama. Kim Go Eun plays the role of a no-nonsense brave police officer. The story starts when Lee Min -ho comes for her from a parallel universe, where he is the King. It’s a different type of love story across two parallel worlds.

She initially thinks he is crazy; talking about a parallel universe, then falls for him! Even after their relationship is on, she maintains herself as a smart cop. This is a massive budget drama and viewers will love the larger-than-life canvas of this Kdrama setting. It was on a record breaking the No.1 spot across Netflix and South Korea for its initial 8 episodes.

Tune in for Love - Kim Go Eun - Jung Hae In
Tune in for Love – Kim Go Eun – Jung Hae In

5. Tune in for Love Korean movie:

Tune in for Love is a 2019 romantic South Korean movie. It has Jung hae in of Something in the Rain Kdrama fame as Kim Go Eun’s main lead. This is a medium-paced love story, with Radio as the central figure. Kim Go Eun likes Jung Hae in, but he goes away after a reckless event with his friends. They meet again and slowly express their liking for each other. They have an unfortunate event each time they meet and seem to drift apart. It is a delight to watch Kim Go Eun, grow from a schoolgirl having a crush to a woman who comes back for her man. The chemistry is heart-warming and very real, with few words spoken between the leads.

Take your pick and indulge in different forms of love, served fresh by one of the finest Korean actresses of today! You can also follow her on – Kim Go Eun on Instagram @ ggonekim. So, which will you be watching today?