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You know weekends are all about sleeping in late, lazing around, good food and time spent with loved ones or simply doing your favorite stuff. Now, there is one more reason that will add a dose of “feel good” on weekends! Hometown cha-cha-cha is the latest Korean drama 2021 on Netflix that delivers just that.

Hometown cha-cha-cha Kdrama has the beautiful Shin Min-a and the cute Kim Seon-ho pairing up for the first time in a romantic comedy series. It is a remake of an older Korean movie of Mr.Handy, Mr.Hong. Shin Min-a is a successful dentist; Yoon Hye-jin in Seoul, who quits her job due to ethical differences with her boss. She meets Kim Seon-ho, a master of all trades; fondlingly named as Mr. Hong, during her visit to seaside small town Gongjin. Things take a different turn and she ends up opening her own clinic in this small town!

Hometown cha cha cha Official Trailer

This Korean drama starts off with beautiful visuals of both Seoul and seaside small town Gongjin. The plot is simple and the way she ends up opening her clinic in the village is predictable; but we are not complaining 😉

The leads actors running into each other is funny. They portray their actual age in the Korean drama, who are 35-year-olds; which is fresh. The first two episodes are stress free. The small-town folks are simple, loud and cheerful. They are nosy and do not hide their excitement to see the new pretty dentist in town.

This drama does give a glimpse of how small-town people work hard for a living and their affiliation for their small community. These are things are a bit alienated in city life!

Homeouwn cha cha cha Romantic pic
Hometown Cha Cha Cha – Korean TV Series

There are lots of “meet cute” of the main leads, with a decent humour. If you are a Korean drama fan, you will be familiar with what we are referring to, but again these scenes are fan favourites.

Shin Min-a delivers her role well, as the bold yet confused dentist. It shows she is a seasoned actress. This is the first big role as the main lead for Kim Seon-ho. His character is a bit aggressive as compared to the sweet “boy next door” roles he has portrayed in his earlier dramas.

The first two episodes of Hometown cha-cha-cha make a happy feel-good Kdrama watch. Guessing by the preview of the coming week, it seems to remain this way. Go for it!

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