Easy skin care tips that help you get glowing skin quickly!

Festive season always brings in a gush of excitement and fervour. You can feel the warmth and positivity all around, as you decorate your homes, buy new stuff, and most importantly catch up with family and friends! While you flaunt your latest designer clothes and shoes, you also need to have that extra festive glow on your face to match your style.

While Skin care routine is a continuous process, there is a short cut of sorts to quickly get that glow to make your skin look totally healthy! We have curated quick fix skin care tips and some cool Korean skin care products just for you. These tips and products should help add a layer of glow to your skin. You can start following this routine for a week or 10 days and get set to hear that, “you light up the room” quite literally.

1. Cleansing:

Remember to wash your face at least twice a day with a quality face wash. Now, what if we give you a choice of a face wash that will clean your face and add a tone of brightness! You heard it right – The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing foam does just that! The natural ingredients of Rice water help brighten the skin, while soap wart & moringa oil deep clean and moisturise the face. A small quantity lathers well and does the job. This is also incidentally a bestselling Face Shop brand product.

Korean Face Wash in AMAZON
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2. Toner:

Toners are the silent skin saviours. Dab a small quantity after washing your face. Toners reduce pores and cleanses the skin, even further. The Face Shop Rice & Ceramide Moisturizing Toner will add moisture and brightness to your skin.

Rice & Ceramide Moisturizing Toner Amazon
Rice & Ceramide Moisturizing Toner
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3. Face Sheet Mask:

Korean Face sheet masks have found a massive fan following globally. Women love the ease of use and are in awe of how a simple sheet can deliver a whole bundle of goodness to skin. All this in just 15 minutes! Use a Face Sheet Mask before bed at night for a week and welcome a healthier skin. The Mirabelle Cosmetics Korea Fairness Facial Maskset is a bundle of serum loaded mask sheets for brightening the skin!

Face Mask Sheet Amazon Glowing Skin
Face Mask Sheet
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4. Hand Mask:

Yes, you heard it right! Korean skin care known for their unique formulations and easy to use products have created a Hand Mask. It is like a Face mask sheet but meant for your hands. Innisfree Special Care Mask for Hand are gloves filled with the goodness of serum. Dry your hands, after cleaning them. You are now good to use these gloves. Wear them and relax. You will have smoother hands after removal. This is a quick fix if you have dry looking hands! Alternately, you can also use the LuxaDerme Deep Moisturizing Hand Hydration Gloves. These gloves are chemical free and have a bundle of nature’s goodness.

Hand Mask Glowing Skin
Hand Mask
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Derma Hand Glove Glowing Skin
Derma Hand Glove
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5. Foot Mask:

When you flaunt those new peep toe heels or ethnic golden sandals, your feet are exposed too. They must look good too! Foot Masks help in deep hydration and nourishing the foot skin. The Innisfree Special Care Foot Mask provides hydration with 7 herbals infusion, that help rehydration and soften rough skin. You can also try the LuxaDerme Deep Moisturising Foot Hydration Socks. It not only hydrates your feet, but also helps reduce tan.

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Derma Foot Mask Amazon Glowing Skin
Derma Foot Mask
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6. BlackHead Removal Strip:

Blackheads are tough to get out off your nose. Black head removal strips are a handy solution. The Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Blackhead 3-Step Program is a quick three step process to remove all stubborn blackheads but by opening the pores first. They are a set of 3 nose strips, that first open the pores, remove the blackheads and then tighten the pores. It may sound tedious but totally worth the effort before the big day!

Blackhead Removal Strip in Amazon
Black Head Removal Strip
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7. Lip Sleeping Mask:

You must be familiar with a Lip balm. It softens your lips and keeps it from becoming dry. Lip Sleeping Mask is another innovation of Korean skin care (https://www.juskorea.com/korean-skincare-routine/ ), where the mask removes dead skin and pumps in moisture into your lips. As the name suggest, dab the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Berry before you sleep. Wake up to moistened lips in the morning. This mask is so glossy, you can use during daytime. The fragrance of mild berries is an extra treat! You can also use Innisfree Canola honey lip balm for very dry and chapped lips. It is a subtle fragrant lip balm and helps moisten dry lips quickly. You can use it anytime when your lips feel dry.

Lip Mask Amazon Glowing skin
Lip Mask
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Lip Balm Amazon Glowing skin
Lip Balm
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We hope you give these quick fix skin solutions a try and enjoy a glowing skin during the festive season! So, which skin care tip, will you get started with? Let us know in the comments section.

Remember, glowing skin is always in trend! 😉