What happens when a suspended police cop takes help of 3 convicts to solve criminal cases!

Bad Guys Kdrama is a 2014 Kdrama. Starring Park Hae jin (of Cheese in the Trap fame), Ma Dong seok (of Train to Busan fame ) with Kim Sang joong, Jo Dong hyuk  and Kang Ye won. This is another crime thriller genre Korean drama from the house of OCN network.

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What is Bad Guys Kdrama about?

Bad Guys Kdrama is a thriller drama where an honest cop Kim Sang joong with talent is discredit for his brash working style, joins hands with 3 deadly criminals. They are Park Hae jin, Ma Dong seok and Jo Dong hyuk to solve crimes across the city.

Bad Guys Kdrama review

This Korean drama opens to a rainy scene where a the culprit on the chase kills the cop on duty harshly. Few scenes forward and we see his father call for the honest yet wacky detective Oh Gu-tak (enacted by Kim Sang joong) to catch the culprit to avenge his son’s death. As a viewer, you know this is not your regular fanciful Kdrama. However, meet Oh Gu-tak – drunk and high-hand cop, who does not hide that he is a rebel & completely believes in his brash working methods. The death of his family has only added to his indifferent attitude. The story begins when he summons three deadly criminals who are serving their sentence behind bars to help him in his investigation.

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The stories of how these three criminals were put behind bars are interesting and is a good mix. Park Hae Jin as the genius, well-educated with above average IQ fits the role of serial killer Lee Jung-moon. We adore Ma Dong Seok for the natural humor he usually brings to his role. Here he plays the role of a regular goon named Park Woong-Cheol. Despite the gore and blood, you will still find him funny. Jo Dong hyuk plays the role of the sleek and logical killer Jung Tae-soo.

The plot setting is sort of dark and real. But, Bad Guys Kdrama does not show evil in any glamorous cinematography. The characters are again law breakers and the opening episodes do not spend time on empathizing or giving a reason on their background. So, you will be engrossed in the case on hand and not too many diversions from the main theme.

Each of these three criminals look at the unsolved case in their unique way. Though, the inputs they bring in to solve the case adds up and helps unravel the culprit of the ongoing investigation. However, detective Oh Gu-tak, takes the lead in handling the case and solves them. He remains secretive and adds a surprise element from his side to solve the case.

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The crime scenes have some amount of blood and crude killing scenes. The Kdrama makers, have cleverly included Kang Ye won, as Detective Oh Gu-tak’s boss. You will sympathize with her plight at handling the arrogant Oh Gu-tak and the scary three criminals. She sure is sort of an ice breaker. Therefore we are glad for this female addition to the main leads. The director of this series, Kim Jung-min in nomination for prestigious 51st Baeksang Arts Awards. Thanks to the successful run of this series, there was a sequel with a new cast in 2017.

For viewers who like crime thriller and wondering what Kdrama to watch ? We highly recommend Bad Guys Kdrama to add to their watch list. Similarly for viewers who are use to watching light Korean dramas, will find it comfortable to watch Park Hae jin and Ma Dong seok in this Kdrama. Park hae jin proves his versatility with this de-glamourised role. Ma Dong seok plays the role of a likeable goon. Overall, you will be engrossed in this 11-episode Korean drama run. This Kdrama manages to keep a good momentum till the end with some good action and thrilling twist in the plot.

Juskorea Rating : 3.5/5