Home alone with no food or family and zombies waiting outside- what will you do?

About : Korean movie
Year : 2020
Running time : 99 minutes
Type of Entertainment : Movie
Genre : Horror/Zombie/Thriller
Where to watch : Netflix
Director : Cho Il-hyung

Cast : Yoo Ah-in and Park Shin-hye

What is it about :

#Alive is a 2020 zombie thriller Korean movie. The protagonist Yoo Ah-in is home alone when the city is stuck by a zombie apocalypse. Will he be able to survive without family, friends or food is the theme of this 99-minute movie run.



Imagine you having a nightmare and then realise when you are awake that it is not a nightmare anymore but your new reality! Well #Alive takes you through a similar adrenaline rush filled with fear and anxiety.

We are introduced to Yoo Ah in as Oh Joon-woo as a typical new age youngster; his life is defined majorly by social media and video games. He is home alone and he soon realises he has zombies looming outside for company, due to a recent virus outbreak outside. He needs to survive till help arrives.

The movie starts off well, the story premise is simple and quickly set. There are smartly laid scenarios that defines the protagonist’s progress of fear and actual realisation of how terrifying the situation really is.

For instance, he encounters the first zombie as a next-door neighbour who barges inside his house to use the washroom. You are introduced to man’s natural survival instinct when you see how physically brutal Oh Joon-woo can get to save himself from being bit from the zombie.

There are adequate scenes that you see through Oh Joon-woo’s balcony that show you how sad it gets when man downgrades to a bloody animal like being in zombies. The scene where a mother goes in search of her daughter and gets bit by her is saddening.

It is almost satire humour when you see him store food due to shortage of supplies. He literally labels each of the items’ available day wise. What starts of as confidence to survive slowly changes into anger, panic, loneliness and even irrational dare.

I am sure we can all relate to this; especially during this COVID pandemic, where we have been constrained inside the four walls of our homes & feel the fear of contracting the virus whenever we step outside.

The movie has its good share of zombie blood dripping horror and thrill. Oh Joon-woo does the dare and steps outside in search of food and water. He goes into an apartment and finds the tenant infected and dead. He grabs everything from the fridge when a zombie springs on to him. I am sure to have screamed my lungs out even harder in a 3D theatre!

There is a catchy entry by the heroine Park Shin-hye. She is another survivor as Kim Yoo-bin, who lives in the opposite apartment of Oh Joon-woo. She literally rescues him from his suicide attempt with her laser pointer beam.

Oh Joon-woo and Kim Yoo-bin survive better with the moral support of each other. This is similar to the feeling of lockdown restrictions being relaxed 😉
After her entry it’s a fast-paced action movie as both decide to escape and get out of the apartment together! Horror awaits them before they finally hit the apartment roof in search of a rescue helicopter.

The chemistry between the two leads gels well into the movie mood. It is fun to watch the bolder Kim Yoo-bin take the lead!

Seoul is known to have fastest Internet connections across the world. The movie cleverly uses this fact. Oh Joon-woo uploads his details onto social media and seeks help to be rescued. This is emphasized till the end of the movie.

Thumbs Up :

The movie boasts of minimal characters and dialogues. It continues with the Korean movie trend of not wasting time and quickly getting into the story.

Yoo Ah in transforms himself into a laid-back youngster; something very different from his recent matured character roles.

Kim Yoo-bin adds colour to the movie. Its reassuring to watch another survivor in her character.

Even though there is horror and zombie gore; the script is well crafted and even a non-horror movie watcher will be able to watch the movie comfortably.

Thumbs Down :

The movie drags a bit in the middle. They should have cut down on the number of days of lone survival of Yoo Ah in. As a viewer I would have enjoyed watching Park Shin-hye sooner.

Fun fact:

This movie is based on the original American horror movie #Alone. This movie only shows one apartment and was filmed in Gunsan city. As a unique marketing strategy- an Instagram account was actually created for the character Oh Joon-woo.

Yoo Ah in is said to have gained weight to get the puffy look by consuming salty food. It is also first time for him to sport a bleached colour hair for a movie.

#Alive topped the Netflix daily chart in 35 countries, becoming the first Korean film to ever be on top Netflix Movies Worldwide chart. It held record of Box office No.1 for three consecutive weekends and won the hearts of both fans and critics.

Juskorea rating : 4/5

My Verdict : Highly recommend

#Alive is a thriller movie that reminds us that we cannot live alone. It has a good balance of horror and thrill, making it an easy watch. It brings about the emotions of being desolate very well; almost drawing a parallel to the emotions we feel during this pandemic times.

If you are new to watching zombie movies also, this is a good movie to start with.

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