“Beauty is only skin deep!”. It is literally true. A well nourished skin and body, reflects in a healthier and younger looking skin. Mix healthy exercises and usage of natural ingredients and voila`…that’s the magic ingredient to better and healthier looking skin and body and of korean skin care routine.

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Given a chance won’t we all want to look beautiful and younger. Women and men in many parts of the world benefit from nature to make their skin, body and hair healthier and eventually younger.

Speaking of looking young, South Koreans are classic example of a clan that looks way younger than their actual age! Koreans are now steering the Korean beauty industry to blossom by offering fresh and original skincare products at a moderate price.

Korean anti-aging secrets are taught at an early age from their mothers,aunts, sisters and grand mothers. Skin specialists often use the word

“thoroughgoing” when they talk about korean skin care routine. It has a massive following in the beauty industry and it continues to invade more and more supporters who swear that it makes a phenomenal change. Koreans have a few tricks and have the knowledge of using original ingredients and when combined, they create a system that’s very special and highly effective.

Fortunately for us, the secrets are now unveiled. Stop wondering how and read on. By the end of this article the 5 secrets to look younger than your actual age will be no more ‘secrets’ to you !


South Koreans have been into healthy workouts since ages. This is adopted as the simplest way to naturally elevate and contour the face.There are some exercises that you should know which can totally change your face.

  • First exercise is to pucker up and so move your mouth to the left and hold for 5 seconds. Bring your lips back to the front and hold for 5 seconds, then move to the correct and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this procedure 5 times. This exercise will tighten your jawline to look young and it will also exercise your cheek muscle.
  • The second exercise which is going to tell you help you to be more expressive. Make your face as tiny as you can. Then, suddenly make your face as big as you can. Repeat 3 times, and make sure you should be as animated as possible
  • One last exercise which helps you to create a more toned jaw and neck. Lift your head up, smile and simultaneously make sure that your teeth are showing! and then swallow. Repeat 5 times. It’s kind of a complex exercise. But worth the struggles! You will actually feel the positive outcome while you do this exercise.

Practice these exercises daily or at least a couple times a week! And you will see the results which is sure to blow through your mind

korean skin care routine anti aging


Ginseng is Korea’s top medicine for good health and the skin’s health . It acts as an ascorbic acid, prevents aging, maintains the skin’s elasticity, and lengthens the lifespan of skin cells. No matter what your skin type is, what your concerns with your complexion may be, chances are, Ginseng can probably change you. That’s because Ginseng is a natural skin balancer & it nutrifies dull skin from the inside out. Its antioxidant properties purify fatigued skin and it helps to make your skin healthy. Citric acid is also used for ridding your pores of excess dirt and oil and to remove dead skin cells.
To take advantage of skin health powers of citric acid, use vitamin C or just squeeze a lemon into a bowl, add water, and apply to your skin with cotton. Lemon will leave your skin bright and clear.Vitamin C is affected by sun and it may leave pigmentation on your skin.


Koreans use rice water to wash their face because of the healthy skin benefits. It’s a natural moisturizer which helps slow aging, reduce dark circles, fade age spots, and brighten skin. If you have rice in your kitchen,then let it soak for about 10-15 minutes, run it around in a circular motion, and then use that milky water as a pseudo-toner. Rice water not only provides skin benefits but it also protect us from many damages such as hair fall,digestive upsets,Eczema, acne, rashes, inflammation etc


Staying out of the sun is the most important thing you should do to preserve and maintain your skin’s health. This also includes a suitable and intentional skincare therapy and intake of lots of water.

Korean follow their skincare steps routine daily which includes multiple steps . You may have heard of the seven-steps Korean skincare regime, and that is not an embroidation. Their skincare starts with a cleanser, which is a two-step process called double cleanser. First, they use an oil-based cleanser and then they use a foam-based cleanser. After cleansing the skin, they apply skin toner and emulsion after that they use essence then they apply serum or ampoule and at last they finish with cream, night cream, or day cream. So in order- cleansing, serum, toner,ampoule, serum or essence, exfoliate,sheet mask, sleep mask, moisturizer,eyes cream. Following these steps regularly gets astonishing results and a fresh and young skin is what you enjoy.

We all know Make-up is that one small thing that can change look in a big way!

Korean makeup is one of the most innovative makeup of all times. For their textures are unbelievable! Their highlighters are buttery-smooth and literally melt into your face and the lip tints give the Popsicle-stained look without feeling dry!
The cushions.. that’s the best part of their make up! They have cushion on everything… cushion blushes, brow pomades, cushion highlighters, cushion eye shadows! The list is endless! Next time you go makeup shopping give the Korean makeup a try.

Give these 5 korean skin care routine items a try and hopefully this is a beginning to a healthier and younger looking you!

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