These are the 5 best Korean drama series handpicked, that are guaranteed, get you hooked on!

If you reading this post; then you are most likely to be one among the 70% of the world population that loves “adventure”. Trust us it’s a good thing too! Learning something always has its own kind of rewards. You have taken the first step; lean on us for the rest!

Annyeonghaseyo!” (hello in Korean language) to the world of Korean drama. We have five drama recommendations across five different genres to help you with your first dive-in session with Korean drama.

While you will depend on sub titles to understand the drama, the dialogues are so simple that reading the sub-titles & watching the scene almost go hand in hand! Our drama recommendations are first hand-picked to help first time viewers have a complete joyful viewing experience!

Plus, there are at least 10 reasons why any drama watcher should try watching Korean drama.
Hopefully you find them as binge watch worthy as we did!

1) Something in the Rain

Where to watch : Netflix
Genre : Romance

Something in the Rain Korean drama is one of the biggest romantic korean drama hits on Netflix . It has the talented Son Ye jin and the very smart looking Jung Hae in as the main leads. As per the story, the younger man Jung Hae in wooes older woman Son ye jin. In addition to the age difference, Jung being Son’s best friend’s brother adds to the complication of the relationship.

Both the leads wear minimal make up, smart attire and look almost like your next-door neighbour! ( But very good looking 😉 version of them). The chemistry of the leads is heart-warming. You will actually feel love is in the air! The screenplay is very mature and very relatable to our home culture too.

South Korean culture is a key background of this story-line. Starting from how families live in Korea, their food habits, love for the soju drink, education, dating norms – all aspects of the culture play a key role in the story-line. This korean drama series is shot across beautiful locations in Seoul city and it is visually pleasing. Read the full korean drama review.

2) Chicago typewriter

Where to watch : Netflix
Genre : Fantasy/Dejavu/Romance

Chicago typewriter Kdrama has Yoo Ah in, Im Soo jung and Go Kyung pyo as the three main leads. It is a unique drama in the Fantasy genre that uses supernatural element & connects it very well historically.

The very talented Yoo Ah in plays the role of an established novelist, who is enticed by an antique typewriter and brings it home. Things take a troubled turn soon after the typewriter sits in his study. He starts seeing another person Go Kyung pyo, who is only visible to him! His writing comes to a standstill and he meets his fan Im Soo jung while chasing a stalker. While she helps him with the stalker, Im Soo jung’s meeting with her idol is not really pleasant.

What follows is a set of strange yet interesting events and the plot reveals how all these characters are related from the past, when they were part of a small of activists group that fought against the Japanese rule, back in 1930s. It’s a story of friendship, camaraderie and love, that switches between decades. The three actors fit their roles to a “T”.

The highlight of this series is the cinematography & special effects. You will enjoy visuals from the current Seoul and old South Korea. The fashion quotient is outstanding as the male leads sport some of the best fashion brands.

3) Descendants of the Sun

Where to watch : Netflix
Genre : Action
Cast : Song Joong ki

Descendants of the Sun – one of the most successful drama, telecast in 32 countries and even translated in 32 languages. It has the dashing Song Joong ki as a special agent army captain and beautiful Song Hye kyo as a talented doctor in the main leads. The chemistry is so good between them that the couple tied them knot after this drama!

This drama has a action packed story. There a lot of well taken fight and action sequences since the story also deals with a natural disaster, as a mine blows off. While there is romance in the background, the larger story revolves around the adventurous lives of front-line soldiers and doctors. Both the main characters, well etched and independent. This was a drama made at a very grand scale and you have beautiful locations across Greece and Seoul being covered. The OST was also a huge hit and the drama itself was nominated across various awards.

4) Fight for my way

Where to watch : Netflix
Genre : Drama/ comedy / romance

Fight for my way K-drama is one of the most entertaining drama of superstar Park Seo joon. It has a fun support cast in Kim Ji won, Ahn Jae hong and Song Ha yoon. It is the story of four young aspiring people who struggle to do what they actually dream of. They initially are too scared to take the risk for their own reasons. The chain is broken by the daring Kim Ji won, when she decides to be reckless to pursue her desired profession. Her friends follow track.

It is a complete entertainer with good amount of drama/comedy and romance. It’s a delight to watch Park Seo joon & Kim Ji won linger between being just friends to something more! (

You will totally relate with these four characters. They are like the fun “Fantastic four” from Avengers movie! The series shows how the usual middle-class & working-class society lives in Seoul. It is an interesting eye opener!

There are some blazing scenes from the Taekwondo arena; that will keep on the edge of your seat You will love the drama and the comedy and most likely will be hunting for the next Park seo joon drama to watch out for!

5) Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Where to watch : Netflix
Genre : Feel good/College romedy

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo Korean drama is one of the best college romedy Korean drama in Netflix starring ex-model Lee Sung kyoung and current heart throb & Asia Dior model Nam Joo hyuk. The story revolves around young sportsmen.

Lee Sung kyoung is a successful weight lifter. She meets aspiring swimmer Nam Joo hyuk accidentally at college. While she realises that she had briefly known him way back in kindergarten, he totally finds her interesting even after these many years!

The story gets engaging when Lee develops a one-sided crush for Nam’s cousin brother. The plot progresses well and the two leads eventually become a cute couple! Read the full drama review.

The drama is filled with cute moments; that are hilarious and give happy vibes! The drama is shot across various colleges in Seoul and is very eye catching. The support cast is equally engaging. You will adore the lead couple. The screenplay is a perfect example of a good Korean romedy and most likely you will end up binge watching the entire 16 episodes in one shot!

Take your pick from one of the suggestions above and hit that start button! Starting something new has never been this easy and interesting! Enjoy!

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