5 Fashion Items the World movie

The world of fashion is ever-evolving and thanks to the internet you never know what will be trending next. You may be surprised to know that some of your favorite outfits actually became popular thanks to Korean trendsetters. Korea has been consistently giving new fashion trends to the western world. Here are some of the fashion trends that originated or became popular in the mainstream fashion industry due to Korea.


It is no secret that layering has been around for years. In the winter, it is the way to go to look comfortable and Chic. Take a cozy tank, layer it with a knit sweater, add a scarf, and a jacket and you got yourself a layered look. That doesn’t mean that this look should be exclusively for winter outfits.

The Korean fashion industry has revived an old trend and we have to admit we are really digging it. There was a huge market in Korea for layering a V-neck dress with a white undershirt or sweater. We have seen hints of this on the runways in Western culture, but the Korean fashionistas have perfected it. Their go-to for achieving this look means pairing your dress and shirt combo with white sneakers and a choker. This is giving us some major 90s vibes. It didn’t take long for Instagram models and fashion bloggers to catch on and the rest is history.


No Koreans didn’t actually invent pastels, but they have come up with some excellent ways to make it mainstream in the South Korean city of Seoul women tend to lean towards dressing more feminine to them. That means wearing more pastels. They love sporting airy fabrics and light shapes that scream Girly. This style of dressing has made his way to the Western World and is becoming one of the major fashion trends.

Pajamas Dressing

Every lazy girl’s dream came true when pajamas dressing started hitting the fashion runways. This was already a popular trend in South Korea. Korean ladies have sported this look for a while, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does it seem relatively easy to pull off, but it also looks really comfortable. Imagine rolling out of bed putting on some heels and hitting the town ten years ago, that would be a fashion, Nono. But today it’s completely acceptable in South Korea. It is more popular to wear a PJ inspired top with some tailored trousers. That doesn’t seem to be the case in Western fashion. When this trend started popping up western designers were going all out. They designed pajamas separates that you can wear as streetwear. It is an easy way to look effortlessly chic, especially considering fashion can get exhausting.

Fishnets with Jeans

If you follow some fashionable ladies on social media, then you have probably seen this trend. In late 2016 fishnets came back in style, but not the way you might think for years. There’s been a debate between fishnets and whether to take them or leave. Luckily this style of mixing fabrics is an excellent compromise if you love fishnets, but don’t want to show too much legs. This trend started when fashion bloggers and Instagram stars began rocking fishnets under their ripped jeans, the interesting style choice gives more contrast to your outfits. When you pair them with a crop top the fishnets act like a belt to show off your waist. Would you believe that this look turned up in Korean street wear long before you saw social media Stars doing it? This look popped up in Seoul Fashion Week in March 2016 many trendsetters even mix different colored fishnets with darker jeans. It didn’t take long for Western ladies to catch on and start their own version.

High waist Bottoms

There is something about this fashion staple that we can’t get enough. The best part about wearing high waist bottoms is the fact that they hold your tummy in. You have probably worn this type of pants for a while. Did you know that this fashion trend started in Korea first in 2013? The style was already in full swing in Korea and making a comeback in the Western Hemisphere. Korean ladies use the pairing of high waist bottoms and sleep tops as an essential daytime look and we understand why. It highlights the petite bodies as well as giving them an illusion of curves just like it does for us. We can see why Western fashion bloggers wanted to get their hands on this style. It’s effortless adorable and not going anywhere

Denim Patches

If you are a kid in the 90s, there was a chance you wore patches on your denim. The bits of colorful fabric was the perfect way to show off your fashion sense as well as your personality. The most popular way to rock the trend was to iron these patches onto blue jean jackets. Well, listen up you 90s kids. We hope you didn’t throw yours away because denim patches are making a comeback. Surprisingly this is another current fashion trend that you can thank Korean fashionistas for. Though the style has evolved over the years it is still as easy as pressing the steam button on your iron.

Korean guys are rocking this fashion movement. They opted to wear large pieces on their back usually showing off their favorite bands. The ladies in South Korea take an entirely different route when it comes to wearing this fashion-forward style. Korean fashion mavens love to sport a look that is similar to the 90s version of the fashion trend. They usually take a playful route opting for colorful patches all over. Considering we never thought this fashion accessory would ever make a comeback, we are totally getting nostalgia looking at it.
These are some of the mainstream industry fashion trends that the world adopted from Korea. We should be thankful to the Korean fashion industry for giving us fashion trends that have totally transformed the fashion industry.

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