We all live a fast paced life; but even today we enjoy the, “simple things” of life the most. The simple mother’s dish will beat a “take away” any day,a simple bouquet of red roses from your partner says it all, a small hand made card from your kid will make your day!

Korean dramas simply celebrate the simple things of life. Want to know how.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Korean drama should be totally on your binge watch list:

1. To start with, each drama is restricted to 16 episodes per drama. Most dramas have a running time of around 75 minutes.

2. They have limited characters per drama. Each character plays an notable role in the drama.

( Most Korean drama restrict to 3-4 main characters)

3. The characters and storyline get started right from the first episode. There are seldom any dull moments.

4. The visuals are lovely. Most of the dramas are shot in Seoul which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

( The filming locations are diverse & range from natural beauty of Seoul's beaches, lush green fields, Jeju islands to the marvelous architectural wonders of theme parks, Forest of wisdom library,Seoul tower and stunning interiors created for each drama)

5. The storyline is divergent even across the same genre.

6. The female leads are petite, pretty with glowing skin. Koreans are naturally blessed with glowing hair and skin. Its a treat to watch the same on screen. The male leads usually have a healthy build and six abs will look like a norm!
The villian wont be viscious. They are potrayed as, “decent” villians. Thats a huge plus; as there is no negativity lingering in the mind.

7. There is a huge fashion element in all dramas. The clothes are worth watching out for!

(The drama match the characters with their attire in a very fashionable eye catching way. Most of the famous Korean stars are fashion brand ambassadors off screen!)

8. If you are a food lover, you will not be dissappointed! Food is almost an integral part of most dramas.

( Koreans love their food and Korean dramas proudly showcase the same)

9. There is always a family element in the drama, that will make you feel like home.

10. Then there is the OST. Surprised ? Each drama has its own OST. These songs are played as BGM at such an “appropriate time” during the drama; it will run in your head for a long time, if you are a music lover. Again these songs have English and Korean lyrics.

Remember the sense of accomplishment we felt after finishing a book. Well, watching Korean drama almost feels like reading a mobile book !

Hopefully,I have passed my Korean drama bug bite to you and you are now at least a bit curious about the same.

Netflix India and Viki.com are convenient OTT platforms loaded with Korean drama. Starting something new is simply a click away!

Happy bingeing!

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