A list of 10 must watch Romantic Korean dramas is categorized in to five different types of love

“ You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because the reality is finally better than your dreams” – Dr Suess

There is no proper time for falling in love! It is always beautiful; whenever it happens! But there are different phases to falling in love. People tend to see things and react differently at different phases.

Romantic Korean dramas are most popular for their romantic comedies & love stories. Trust me there is enough to choose from phase wise! So, you ready to choose ??

first category

The first category and perhaps the cutest and simplest is boy meets girl & they fall for each other. There is that hesitation around each other. They are conscious around the other person.

They want to make their first category best impression on him or her; however, will deny it. There are those attraction vibes; literally killing them inside; will resist and deny it for sake of dignity!

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

My ID is Gangnam Beauty is the perfect romantic korean drama to watch for this category. Im Soo-hyang & Cha Eun-woo college classmates, attracted to each other. She has a plastic surgery done. She imagines he is too handsome for her, as he is aware of the same.

Its a young college story with interesting ups and downs. How they/ Will they end up together makes it an interesting and easy breeze watch.

Watch – My id is gangnam beauty, starring Im Soo-hyang & Cha Eun-woo on Netflix.

second category

The second category is a boy and girl are friends for a long time. They have spent so much time being in a platonic relationship; it almost feels unreal when they realize that it has been love somewhere along the line.

They do not realize that they inadvertently compare every other potential partner with this friend of theirs in their head. Also ,one of the reasons why it just does not click with anyone else. How they muster the courage to finally confess and propose to their best friend is any-day a fun watch!

Fight for my Way – Korean TV Feature

Fight for My Way is the perfect friends forever turned into couple story. In this romantic Korean series Park Seo joon and Kim Ji won are childhood friends.

Their friendship and affection continues into their adult years, each always looking out for the other.

Each spends time with other suitors. But, somehow things do not click. It takes them a while to realize that they are more than friends. Who takes the plunge to propose, are they as happy as a “couple”, as they were friends is something to watch out for. It is a perfect Korean drama in romantic comedy category, not to be missed. Easily, one of Park Seo joon’s best series.

Watch – Fight for my Way starring Park Seo joon and Kim Ji won, on Netflix.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is easily one of the cutest and sweetest romantic Korean drama series in recent times. Nam Joo hyuk and Lee Sung kyung are fellow college athletes.

Lee Sung kyung, is an upcoming weight lifter and Nam Joo hyuk is the campus heart-throb and aspiring swimmer. Nam Joo hyuk adores Lee Sung kyung as a friend. The both have great time together in a platonic relationship. That is until Nam Joo hyuk falls for Lee Sung kyung.

Initially when she reacts, it is funny but it is realistic. But when they get together as a couple its a treat to watch. This is one of my recent favorite cute Korean drama and deserves a re-watch any-day.

Watch – Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok joo by Nam Joo hyuk and Lee Sung kyung on Netflix.

third category

The third category is the matured adult love. You have a young man and woman. They have known each other for a while and have interacted with each other, hung around each other. They like the other “person” ,but will wait for the other person to propose.

Partly because they do not know if the other person will reciprocate the feeling. If the proposal does not happen and they are literally at the end of the rope;they will take the grand lead; pleasantly shocking the person at the receiving end!

1.Oh My Venus (2015) Korean TV Series

Oh My Venus is the ideal example of Korean drama of adult matured love. Shin Min a is a successful lawyer, suffering from obesity. Ji sub is a celebrity fitness trainer, using a pseudo name. They both meet accidentally in a flight. And she threatens him that if he does not help her to loose weight, Shin Min will reveal his true identity.

After he sees her being dumped by her long time boyfriend, he develops a soft corner for her. In a twist of events, Shin Min moves in with So Ji sub & his 2 other partners.

It has a fun supporting cast in Sung Hoon and Henry Lau and is a light romedy. How they slowly start liking each other and move forward is a fun watch.

Watch – Oh my Venus , starring Shin Min a and So Jisub in, on Netflix.

2.Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim

Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim, is a romantic Korean drama with a love story of “grown ups”. Park Min young works as the able and ever available secretary of Park Seo joon for 9 years and she announces her resignation.

Park Seo joon tries to woo her in every possible way to stop her from leaving. When all the options he has, fails he then proposes to her. What follows is a hilarious riot of events. Will Park Min young accept Park Seo joon’s proposal or will she leave him is the theme of this funny Korean series.

This is one of the most popular romantic korean drama comedy 2018. It was very well received for its comedy and chemistry of the two leading Parks’. This Kdrama is simply not to be missed!

Watch – What’s wrong with Secretary Kim, starring Park Seo joon and Park Min young in on Netflix.

3.Oh My Ghost (2015) – Korean TV series

Oh My Ghost is an another romantic korean drama series with a love story of grown ups but comes with an unexpected twist. Park Bo young is a shy and timid person; working as an assistant chef. She has a long time crush on her boss, restaturant owner and executive chef Jo Jung-suk.

She has the special ability to see ghosts; thanks to her shaman grandmother. She comes in contact with a boisterous virgin ghost Kim Seul gi. Kim Seul gi is looking for a perfect woman to loose her virginity before she can move on to her after life.

Tired of trying to get her boss’s attention, Park Bo young decides to let the ghost in as the final option. What follows is interesting and entertaining to watch. Because, there is a 360 degree switch in Park Bo young’s personality whenever she gets possessed by this; Surprising her co-workers and importantly Jo Jung-suk.

How they interact and react to her with her switching personalities makes this a funny Korean drama with hints of slight horror. Plus the sizzling chemistry between possessed Park Bo young and the clueless Jo Jung-suk is too good to be missed!

Finally, Jo Jung-suk falls for possessed Park Bo young. But, do they stay together once he finds out the truth; is something to watch out for in this Korean series.

Watch – Oh My Ghost , starring Park Bo young and Jo Jung suk in on Netflix.

fourth category

The fourth category of love is a more sophisticated adult love. When a younger guy falls for an older woman – it is typical “Noona” romance! It is exciting to watch the chemistry between the protagonists. There is a curiosity element around why would a man fall for an older woman though he has the easier options of dating and settling with women of his age or even younger to him.

What is the element of bonding with this older woman that makes him fight the odds against society for her, adds to the curiosity factor. Again there is this disconcerting attraction vibes always lingering between the two; that adds to the excitement

1.Something in the Rain ( 2018 ) – Romantic Drama

Something in the Rain is a classic Noona Korean drama romance with Son Ye jin & Jung hae in as the couple in love. Jung hae in is the younger brother of Son Ye jin’s best friend. Sparks fly once they meet after a long gap. He finds her beautiful and is attracted to her.

She finds her “knight in shining armor” in him. It is a forward drama where both decide to move ahead as a couple against all odds! I love this romantic Korean drama. Because, it focuses on “how two individuals can fall in love and complete each other’s lives”.

There is not any extra focus on the age gap!Something in the rain Kdrama won both Son Ye jin & Jung hae in accolades from fans worldwide; thanks to its streaming on Netflix. Its a modern drama, with realistic situations. Simply one of the best Korean drama 2018, in recent times.

Watch – Something in the Rain, starring Son Ye jin & Jung hae in on Netflix.

2. A Witch’s Romance (2014) – Romantic Korean Drama Series

A Witch’s Romance” is an another romantic Korean drama that takes Noona romance earnestly. The 25 year old Park Seo joon is “head over heels” in love with the 39 year old Uhm Jung hwa. Uhm Jung hwa has been stood up on her wedding day. Park Seo-joon lost his girlfriend to a health ailment.

They have typical “drama” encounters where they first hate each other; then like each other; but once Uhm Jung-hwa realizes the age gap; she takes a step back;being very skeptical about the 14 years age gap.

But they keep bumping into each other, as they live in the same building and work in the same office. They keep interacting and seem to end up together in different situations. But things gets complicated, when her fiancee comes back and apologizes to her.

Do they fight the age gap & embrace love or cling on to another round of being disappointed? This Korean series has excellent chemistry between the two leads.

They do not shy away in some of the finely directed passionate scenes; something we do not see in all dramas!It is an easy watch and makes it totally binge watch worthy!This is one of Park Seo Joon‘s early Korean drama as a lead and it is a delight to watch a young 25 year old Park Seo joon chase his lady love, on screen 🙂

Watch – A Witch’s Romance, starring Uhm Jung-hwa and Park Seo joon in on viki.com.

Fifth category

The fifth category of love is simply out of this world! You cannot explain why and how the man and woman want to stick on to that one person. Maybe it is in their stars! The man and woman are typically made for each other.

When they get together they fit in perfectly like missing pieces of a puzzle. It is like they have been waiting for that special person for a very long time. Anyone else will simply not do!

1.Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God is perhaps one of the most iconic romantic korean drama in Korean drama cable history. It is a fantasy love story of a Goblin ( demi god) and a human being. Gong Yoo is the shy Goblin, who has a sword stuck in his chest that can only been seen & removed by his designated bride.

He is a 900 year old celebrated Army general belonging to an ancient dynasty. God gifts Gong Yoo immortality as a reward for he served his nation well. He gets the gift with a condition that his sword will remain stuck in his chest. His gift is that he will not age beyond the day he was killed. He will live to see all his loved ones die.

Only his desiganted bride will be able to pull out the sword for the Goblin to attain peace in his after life.Kim Go eun is his designated bride. She loses her mother at a very young age and has the strange ablity of seeing ghosts. Kim Go eun is raised by her aunt poorly after the loss of her mother. She has a special mark on her neck; which her “ghost” friends affirm is the identity of the Goblin’s bride.

Only she has the power to summon the Goblin whenever she wants, that she is unaware of! Once she summons him accidentally; it triggers the love affair! She is a high school senior when she first meets the Goblin. She clings on to Goblin believing he is her soul mate. And her only key to escape from her existing bitter life.

Both Gong Yoo and Kim Go eun ( in the drama) start off on a bitter note as the Goblin is shy and finds his bride a bit too young. She on the other hand does not realise that the Goblin will disappear once she pulls out the sword! Even though a fantasy romance, it has every element of a realistic love story. The leads bicker, fight , stay apart then fall for each other slowly.

There are plenty of cute and sweet moments. How the two match each other in spite of being in different eras of time is a treat to watch. Once the Goblin realizes he actually loves his bride, he waits for her to age a bit more before proposing to her.

Watch – Goblin ( Gong Yoo and Kim Go eun in ) on Netflix.

The couple compliment each other perfectly. The Goblin takes care of his bride. His bride gives him so much affection and loves that, the goblin finally wants to stay & no move on to his after life. But will how he is able to stay forever with a sword in his chest is for you to watch out for!

The OST of this romantic korean drama was well received across the globe. It has been streaming across various countries’ local channels with subtitles.

Goblin OST Stay with me is the most popular of the songs. You can listen to it on Spotify or Gaana

It took the lead actor Gong Yoo, to global heights of stardom and fame and he is very deservingly.

2.Coffee Prince – 2007 Korean TV Series

Coffee Prince is a progressive Korean drama, telecast way back in 2007. It coincidentally has Gong Yoo as the protaganist. Interestingly,it was his career breakout role. It has a regular run across various OTT platforms like Netflix and Viki even today!

Gong Yoo is the “happy go lucky” grandson of a successful Food company; returned from the US. His grandmother; The chairman of the Food company asks him to get married to one of the affluent girls of her choice. In the hope, that it will make Gong Yoo responsible. But he plans to return to the US soon & not stay back in Seoul.

He runs into the Yoon Eun hye accidentally. She is younger to Gong Yoo, and a complete “tom boy” who dresses up and behaves like a boy. She easily & regularly gets mistaken to be a young boy by most of the people. Yoon Eun hye is financially needy and does all kinds of odd jobs to support her mother and sister.

Gong Yoo also mistakes Yoon Eun hye to be a guy. He hires her ( thinking her to be a boy) as his gay lover, to chase away the alliances suggested by his grandmother. His grandmother, then gives him the option of re-building a dilapidated Coffee shop into a profiteering enterprise in 3 months, to be able to get his share of inheritance and go back to the US.

Failing which, he will need to marry the girl of his grandmother’s choice. Gong Yoo is unhappy with the proposal and skeptical if he can pull it off. Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun hye have a lot of fun fooling the alliances as gay lovers. As a result, a good friendship is developed between Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun hye.

Yoon Eun hye finds about the coffee shop proposal and convinces Gong Yoo that she will help him on the same & requests him to employ her. The Coffee shop is close to a lot of women colleges and Gong Yoo strategises to employ only male employees in the Coffee shop in the hope to attract customers from colleges & young crowds.

Yoon Eun hye gets employed and becomes an integral part of the Coffee shop along with four other members. Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun hye end up spending a lot of time together as part of ramping up the Coffee shop.What starts off as simple friendship between the two; develops into affection and there after to love. Yoon Eun-hye, feels she is way out of league for Gong Yoo due to her financial status.

She does not muster the courage to reveal her true gender. She fears she will loose his attention and affection completely. Gong Yoo is confused about he can fall for a “guy” when he himself is not gay. Gong Yoo still proposes to Yoon Eun-hye, thinking Yoon Eun-hye to be a guy. He is convinced he would not be happy with anyone else. What makes the romance unique is how Gong Yoo falls for the “person” and nothing else.

Watch- Coffee Prince ( Gong yoo and Yoon Eun hye) on Netflix.

The two leads’ chemistry is nothing short of fireworks. You can feel the tension when they interact; their unsaid words and longing for each other. You wish Yoon Eun hye and Gong Yoo make a real couple even today! They are just perfect for each other in the series.

Things take a twist when he later finds out that Yoon Eun hye is a girl and not a boy. Will Gong Yoo be angry or will be happy about it? Will he accept her or feel he has been cheated! That’s what the 16 Korean series run is all about!This Korean drama has handled the subject of homosexuality very maturedly. Just a hint about it; not making a judgement on it. It has been a forward thought of the creators of the series back then. Hats off to them!

Gong Yoo acting skills need no introduction. Yoon Eun hye is awesome as his counterpart. She can equally act and not shy away from some very hot scenes. ( All taken very decently! )Only a handful of Korean drama have that perfect chemistry between the leads that justifies it to be a romedy. Coffee Prince Kdrama on any day tops that list!

Coffee Prince korean drama tops the list of Korean drama romantic category. Dont miss it!

So, sit back!! Grab some pop corn and maybe some tissues and enjoy the love in all its various versions. They are all adorable! (Most of these korean dramas are available on Netflix and Viki.)

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