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Korean drama series are your ultimate escape to a reel world of simple romance, fun, and laughter. Kdrama is the masters of the comedy and romantic drama genre. Korean dramas emphasize the simple things in life that bring joy like family bonding, friendship, delicious food, and romance in their cutest form. With only 16 episodes to each Kdrama, it is literally a quick watch for the viewer. There are limited characters in each drama but with a memorable role. You will enjoy how all these characters eventually tie up to the main storyline.

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Music is universal. KPOP music, the short form for Korean POP is a simple example of universal music. BTS,Blackpink, NCT, Twice are some of the popular bands synonymous with this genre of music. South Korea is not just famous for its popular Kdrama but also they are famous in music and arts.

KPOP song lyrics are a mix of Korean and English. Their music is usually upbeat and lively. The Korean music videos are colorful with interesting themes created for each song. The KPOP boy band and girl band groups complete the song and music videos with well synchronised dance steps. The tune and music videos alone are catchy enough, for any viewer to get captivated with the songs. You can also see the English subtitles for each song in Youtube, making it easier to understand the song theme.

Koreans love their music. The ever growing KPOP industry back in South Korea proves that. Songs like Dynamite by BTS, “How do you like that” by Blackpink not only have hit big on the global Billboards charts, but also have millions of views on Youtube. KPOP is now known as a genre of music. Fans across the globe are totally loving it and wanting more!

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